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  1. CDCGML 2014-15

    Not sure if Curt posted it, but I've quit this league as well. And with this last post, I retire from CDC. Bonne chance everyone.
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    I only play be a gm, so i couldnt care less about this announcement personally. Feel for you guys/gals affected though.
  3. NHL 15 Thread

    the hitting is 100% realistic compared to the commentary. I dont understand how anyone working on the game cant hear how bad it is.
  4. NHL 15 Thread

    Theres one goal going north where the ai d stands pylon-esque as someone skates past him into the slot. Horrible ai.
  5. NHL 15 Thread

    Wow. Awful pre-game from both guys. Worst play-by-play on any nhl game to date. Dreadful AI. Didnt even notice the puck physics or crowd.
  6. NHL 15 Thread

    disagreed, this is the ONE year that stuff IS important.
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    Wow, Methot and Anderson both made terrible AI moves.
  8. NHL 15 Thread

    I'd join an XB1 sim league.
  9. NHL 15 Thread ‏@GAMEdigital 6m #GAMEatGC - NHL 15 demo worldwide release on August 26th. Here's the in-game trailer... Awesome graphics. Like we're in the rink! So we all get the demo on 26 August
  10. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    it wasnt enjoyable for me. Im amazed anyone is petty enough to resent me leaving. There are countless replacement gms, there really shouldnt be a problem here.
  11. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    I feel quite let down that 3 people would + this post. Makes you wonder why I bother taking part in any league, if GMs can't accept that some leagues aren't enjoyable for everyone.
  12. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    DM I had zero issues with you, I wish you luck in finding a fantasy home
  13. NHL 15 Thread

    Interesting...but as there's still no word on EA Access and when it's available, it strikes me as odd. I just want to play this ruddy game already
  14. NHL 15 Thread

    Marginally surprised that there's still no word on the demo.
  15. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    Me quitting your league wasn't personal. I didn't like logging in and having to wade through all those noobs posting, plus the constant team updates. I wasn't enjoying the experience. And as for the person who +1'd this