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  1. While Yaboi Banks didn't have an outstanding career, he did retire with a Stanley cup ring. Thanks Toews!
  2. I'm still here I'm just not posting cause my team is abysmal and I don't know how to fix it without acquiring a number one goalie.
  3. So am I correct in saying that our players are around 32-33 years old?
  4. Yaboi with his first Stanley cup ring. Did the Anaheim Ducks have an incredible regular season because we swept every series in the playoffs.
  5. Sweet! I sign with the ducks in the offseason and explode for 52 points and 32 goals. Now we just need to make the playoffs.
  6. Hey Toews, is there any chance that Washington will be a playoff team anytime soon?
  7. 21 goals is very solid. I'm quite happy with that. I just need to stay consistent from now on.
  8. Yaboi Banks has been dreadful as of late. Is there any chance that could play higher up the lineup if I were to move somewhere else or am I just not good enough?
  9. Canadiens are undefeated in the NHL so I'm not even close in STHS.
  10. Alright. Hopefully the save file is fine. Thanks again for hosting this. Fun fact: your Create a Player threads were the main reason for me creating an account here years ago.
  11. Any update Toews? I'm having withdrawal symptoms here.
  12. Any chance you could post a link? I did a quick search but I couldn't find anything.
  13. Only 10 points in 57 games played. Not too good. Was I injured or a healthy scratch?
  14. Looks like the capitals are starting a full rebuild no wonder I played 22 games for them.
  15. Over 7.00 AVR in my first year in the AHL. I'm quite happy with that.