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  1. Mason Raymond makes $375K more than Chris Higgins. Interesting.

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    2. MrsHiggins20


      Yep, I do know how RFA contracts work. Also, I wasn't clear re: Higgins - I know he's under contract through 2012-2013 and meant that he's due for a raise at that time. My bad.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^ I do but this was a cutback arbitration they were going to ? how did he get a pay raise ?

    4. MrsHiggins20


      They did avoid arbitration and re-signed him. Raymond didn't get a pay raise - it's a 12.5% reduction according to Botchford. I think he made $2.6M last year.

  2. So happy for Willie Mitchell! Also looking forward to see what the summer brings.

  3. Chris Higgins is on fire lately! Love love!

    1. Xbox


      Going into the playoffs this is great to see!

    2. Paul Blart Molly Cop

      Paul Blart Molly Cop

      He was everywhere tonight. Just amazing. Can't wait to see him beast it in the playoffs.

    3. RockNroLLa.


      and of course his line as well!

  4. I think I need to go to another game before playoffs start.

    1. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Don't do it! Save up your money for the playoffs when this team will actually try.

    2. MrsHiggins20


      Good point ... but playoff tickets are so expensive! I'll just have to suck it up.

  5. Just got free tickets to tonight's and Saturday's games thanks to two very awesome friends!

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    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Bring the team some good luck! :D

    3. debluvscanucks


      are your friends, by chance, accepting applications?

    4. MrsHiggins20


      Haha, I'll be sure to ask :)

  6. Wow. Maybe I'll stay away from CDC for awhile until things calm down a bit.

  7. The final hour of TDD today nearly killed me! Wishing Cody all the best in Buffalo.

  8. Had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Mason Raymond last night. Such a nice guy - even if he did bug me a bit about my love of Chris Higgins :)

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    2. Scheiderfanforlife


      ^yahoo begs to differ.. along with global news last night.

    3. MrsHiggins20


      Hahaha @BrahmaBull, don't worry - there is defintely no cheating going on! As for the rest of you, Van is expensive but it is a grey place to live. Mason is a stand-up guy and his wife is really nice too.

    4. MrsHiggins20


      *great ... but grey is also applicable.

  9. Game day! My boy Higgins is back in the lineup tonight!

  10. I miss Higgins! Hope he's able to get healthy and rejoin the team very soon.

    1. Scheiderfanforlife


      Fix him up some of that fine cooking he loves ;)

    2. MrsHiggins20


      Heh. Solid idea!

  11. I dislike the month between the ASG and trade deadline day. The rumours get beyond ridiculous!

  12. Wishing Chris Higgins an extra-speedy and healthy recovery. Hope to see him back playing very soon!

    1. Oregon Canucky

      Oregon Canucky

      staph is a nasty bugger.