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  1. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    I'm planning on picking up a 3DS this X-mas. What games are most recommended to get for it?
  2. [Official] Wii U thread

    The Wii is alright, I have one, but what it really has going for it is the old/original franchise games, and maybe some of the downloaded titles. At first it was all about the Wii Remote, which is pretty cool in most games, but now with the PSMove and the Kinect, there's heavy competition. There are a lot of "health" games and exercise games, which are neat if you are into that kind of stuff, but now the others can get them too. If the Wii and Nintendo didn't have the franchises like Mario and Zelda and Metroid, i don't think the Wii, or the Wii-U would go over very well. More and more gamers are turning more to the online games and shooting games and that hurts the Wii as well. I can understand why they'd want to have games to appeal to younger kids and other styles/genres of games, i mean hey, gotta have a big variety right?, but a lot of games for the Wii i've seen just seem to appeal to this, which is fine for people who like games like this, but if the Wii had more other styles of games, it could appeal to move people. I do like the Wii, so don't think i'm bashing on it, it just has some nitpicks to it like all systems... but i do think that they can improve with the Wii-U, like with all systems. The new 'controller' looks like its a mix between a Wii Remote and a DS/3DS Screen, looks rather bizarre. If its used properly and with the right games, it could work well, but it used improperly, it'll just be a real gimmick.