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  1. Been seeing some of the Canucks post their costumes on social media lately, so thought I'd compile them here and see which one you guys think is best. For me, it's Virtanen - I even saw him sporting a Playboy mag in one photo (points for extra realism Virts)!
  2. 2017-18 GDT Sign-Up Thread | JANUARY OPEN

    Could I take November 6th against the Wings?

    hahah anyone listening to the TSN1040 post game show right now? Chris from Richmond, lol with calling Blake Price a good 'hockey player'

    cool, thanks for doing the math! knew we were out but just wanted to make sure

    are we mathematically out of the playoffs yet?
  6. Game Thread: Nucks @ Blues March 25, 5:00 PM PST

    haha you know this game/our team is so bad that the topic of discussion has shifted to old concerts in the 70's
  7. Blues @ Canucks, Saturday, March 19, 7:00 PM PST

    wow is it just me or does it seem that Bartkowski is always on for every goal against, and seems to have a key role in causing that goal against?

    Like it, maybe one suggestion would be to not blur the 88 on his jersey beside his name, might be cool to use the 88 beside his name
  9. Arena Music & Atmosphere

    I too have noticed the initial promise with bringing in a new DJ after DJ dave - from last season all the way up to this christmas the music was quite good, a mix of old and new, something for everyone. But now for some reason it is pretty much the same playlist over and over, sometimes without even changing the order of the songs. Also another small thing I noticed, is that they completely took away the air siren that plays over goal songs, and the one time we did hear it yesterday (over the Holiday goal song) sounds totally different and weird to what I'm used to. It may seem like a small thing but it was those little touches that gave the canucks their identity. Just watch old replays of the intro and goal sequences in 2011, so much better in my opinion
  10. GDT: Nucks vs Planes, Mar.14, 2016 7 PM PST

    who's chopping onions in here
  11. GDT: Nucks vs Planes, Mar.14, 2016 7 PM PST

    Team speed looked awesome last game, will be interesting to see if they can keep it up. Close victory tonight, 3-2 Nucks
  12. Young Guns Sig

    haha maybe when I have some more time I'll take a crack at it
  13. Young Guns Sig

  14. Young Guns Sig

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted, been really busy but just had some free time pop up so I made a quick sig of the rookies. Comments are welcome, hope you guys like it! EDIT: Fixed dimensions to board rules
  15. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    so confused with WD's decisions after a goal, late in the third no less: put the 4th line out with bartkowski....okay then