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  1. Because if somebody gets hurt last minute theywill have somebody to play.
  2. It would be one thing if they were not close friends and she genuinely felt uncomfortable working with him. But this is just outside outrage.
  3. He's obviously not being serious. He was saying she was attractive and he telling a story about how he pretended he was with both of them to a stranger as a goof.
  4. He's friends with all three of them. He also compliments all three on how well they do their job. I can guarantee you none of them are offended by this and this outrage is all purely just other people being offended for them. If she doesn't feel weirded out by his comments it's really not anybody else's business to be. This cancel culture is forcing everybody to be formal and boring even in the entertainment business which is what this is.
  5. He was saying that the team is missing the lack of production caused by Boucher's absence from the lineup.
  6. I don't think he meant to hit the guy clean in the head and knock him out. But he did. So he deserves a suspension.
  7. If everybody clears there will be the exact same amount of opportunity for the young players. All of the guys waived today have veteran status so they will only be taking time away from other vets on the AHL squad.
  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL TV is dying to streaming services in 2019.
  9. lol only 4 out of 13 players actually doing the stretch.
  10. hahahaha OMG hahaha that would be so funny if they bought out a guy that wasn't on their roster lolol xP
  11. Vancouver hasn’t had goalie issues since Cloutier left and Ian Clark and Rollie Melanson have been coaching the tenders. Definitely an area of strength in the organization for the last 13 years. I love this Silovs kid. Has the body. Definitely the compete level as well, almost carrying Latvia to a huge win vs Canada. Once Clark gets a significant amount of time with him he could be another gem.