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  1. Rugged scoring winger via trade??

    maybe if we are willing to part with tanev. Seeing what Oilers paid for Larsson that is not an impossible deal to happen
  2. Reclamation Projects: A working list of unqualified RFAs

    you can add Brandon Gormley to that list
  3. Evan McEneny | D

    no point tonight so 1 assist in two games played
  4. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    What's with the hate? And how is it AV's fault that Schultz didn't sign here? Tanev managed to earn his minutes under AV, so Schultz being a very talented player should be able to do the same. Here is something interesting Tanev is now 22 years old and Schultz will turn 22 soon Tanev went through the proper development while Schultz is playing top 4 minutes right away let's see how both of them turn out after let's say 5 years. I know Tanev is not as talented as Schultz but he has played in some high pressure situation and performed well... so let's just wait and see