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  1. where is lancel lannister right now? i don't recall seeing him since early season 3 or late season 2. i must re-watch this show!
  2. Lancel Lannister nailed IMO the sexiest woman on the show. So i DON'T see how thats not manly. Because he's skinny and had a great face and cute smile and nice eyes and was toned and kind of cute? really? he satisfied the most important woman on the show in every way.
  3. failed to add scoring we have needed for three different seasons and now two coaches. Some horrible trades that really hurt us, a bad prospect pool thats overrated by Canucks fans, most likely won't make it past the first round THREE years in a row. Pretty poor. Sure way back when he took over everything was easy for him he had so much cap space and most big pieces already here.
  4. i need to try this igloo thing again so I'm happy.
  5. freeze me until it starts, i will marathon all 3 seasons in late march to prepare i own each season on collectors addition blu ray.
  6. I dont understand the game like the purpose to playing hockey in a football stadium with poor viewing. BC Place is not special in any way, it's not Soldier Field or Yankee or Dodger Stadium it hosts a crappy CFL team 9 times each year and a soccer team 40 people watch. Ottawa is not a rival, it makes no sense other than to grab $100 from 40,000 Vancouver hockey suckers.
  7. The Twinkly pony guy is actually really handsome, I didn't expect those kinds of looks on a hockey forum! I would ask where he gets his hair done but that would be a little creepy.
  8. i don't see how that can be funny that is your mom isn't it? And what is that stuff on the top of your jacket? it looks like a mop brush.
  9. Aww you and your mom are adorable!
  10. i would honestly cry if either is traded, they;ve meant so much to this city. But its sports it has to be done. we cant keep everyone forever.
  11. so i watched a show recently about how to build an igloo so i went outside and tried using a recycling bin and I don't know how those crazy Eskimos do it, i quit without even making a full circle on the bottom it was so tiring.
  12. seems like most episodes of this show are filler, scenes tend to drag on and on.
  13. You all inspire me. Just did 12 push ups, 15 sit ups and 15 jumping jacks. It's a start.
  14. finally somebody has made a way to make eating healthy fun and funny. I wish all food was in penguin form.