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  1. Very VERY well said! I couldn't say it any better. I would add Kuzma to that list too. I never liked "Botch", always came across arrogant, self obsessed and negative. Doesn't that describe all of them? like Gallagher, Kuzma, Botchford, Macintyre, Botch etc. I wonder how many ppl like me can't listen to 1040 anymore, never read province or sun and find the tv sports dominated by Toronto guys. Let's create a kickstarter for a new vancouver sports radio with paterson and the kurtenbloggers.
  2. So its overhyping to say he's played 4 good games? Hmmmm.
  3. "Tree Man" has exceeded my expectations and I only expected a potential 3rd or 4th d-man. He's been so calm, stoic and nearly mistake free. The shot is the best on the team. He's the only reason I still watch games this season. Of course all the old people or negative folks will say he sucks or we need to wait 3 years before judging him or "temper your expectations". Screw that, he's the most talented d-man I've seen join our team since Luc Bourdon.
  4. I'm not sure if the Canucks need players who are so mentally weak they cannot handle a word of criticism.
  5. Anton Rodin = Tommy Santala
  6. Vey-Vrbata-Higgins should be our first line next season.
  7. "Elite, game breaking talent" was how Patrik Stefan, Alexandre Daigle, Nathan Smith and Brian Lawton were described. Seriously though, Darnell Nurse is going to get tuned up soon. He seems to be trying to develop toughness cred by going after easy targets. It won't last.
  8. Point 1 -> Very true! Point 2 -> WD is coaching to make the playoffs/win games, not develop prospects Point 3 -> Our aim shouldn't be winning games. So, no need to play the Sedins top line and top minutes. I'd rather see McCann, Virtanen, and whoever getting top line minutes and in top line situations for experience and development Point 4 -> No matter how good Miller WAS, he is old and mentally checked out. Ever notice, every goal (not just this season but last one too) he stares around at teammates (like Luongo always did) with a "You guys gave up that goal" -type of stare. Yeah, Higgins wasn't signed by this group, but they sure as heck had 2 off seasons to buy him out. No excuse to employ a human hamburger. Point 5 -> Sure the tough guys are the 2nd best line some nights, because they are given preferential ice time to try and win games. I'd rather develop the kids and sit the knuckle draggers. Point 6 -> Islanders did it 2 off seasons ago! Point 7 -> Makes no sense to have a veteran 6 mill a year goalie on a rebuild team. Why not have a young goalie to develop with the other youngsters?
  9. Not if you have a coach who doesn't trust or understand young players.
  10. Start by being honest with the fan base and announce a full-on rebuild, no "we're also trying to make the playoffs" p****footing. Second, get a coach who likes/trusts/understands young players. Third, move the twins to the second line and second line minutes. Fourth, don't sign old fogeys who mentally retired 3 years ago like Miller, Higgins, Dorsett. Fifth, don't employ 3 tough guys when most teams don't have any nowadays. Sixth, acquire a puck moving offensive d-man and a stay at home d-man, who are healthy and under 25. Seventh, keep Eddie Lack, who singlehandedly got us into the playoffs last year (He's by no means Hasek). I always loved TL's reasoning in the summer, "Eddie Lack is young, talented, bright future and a fan of course we had to trade him".
  11. Jim Benning is good at drafting and scouting. However, its becoming clearer and clearer that Linden and Benning have no idea how to run an nhl team.
  13. I refuse to use twitter or facebook but if any of you can "twitter bomb" Paterson, about doing a blog or a podcast or youtube/skype call in show before he gets a new gig or until the end of the season, please do it! I'll begin uploading the Kurtenblogger shows on my youtube channel immediately...
  14. They'll always say "This was a corporate decision" or a "restructuring". WHATEVER. Just shows no matter what profession or business, those who make the decisions have no idea how it works. For example, if the people who rode buses daily were in charge of designing bus shelters and benches, they would be comfortable, sheltering, clean, well lit and large enough for more than few people at time. Instead they are often unlit, filthy, able to hold 2-3 ppl and often uncovered. (In a city like Vancouver, every bus stop should be sheltered! {headslap}. In this case those who decide who is going to be fired from the on air "talent", never listen to the station. Plus we all know Pratt has pictures of Mr. Team! (Nothing else can explain Pratt's longevity on the station with no listeners) And I think Mr. Team is Rintoul's uncle or something! I download several podcasts a day from different TSN and Sportsnet stations. Each has a mix of good on air talent and not so good. However, 1040 seems to be directionless and without standards. But without competition there's no need to improve. I loved MOJO sports especially Tommy Larscheid and Moj together, but as soon as they started competing and taking away Pratt's afternoon audience, 1040 they torpedoed MOJO sports and ran it out of business, all the while gleefully mocking it. I guess we're stuck with Bmac talking about baseball for 2 hours a day in December and January.