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  1. Jason “The Rat” Botchford

    Very VERY well said! I couldn't say it any better. I would add Kuzma to that list too. I never liked "Botch", always came across arrogant, self obsessed and negative. Doesn't that describe all of them? like Gallagher, Kuzma, Botchford, Macintyre, Botch etc. I wonder how many ppl like me can't listen to 1040 anymore, never read province or sun and find the tv sports dominated by Toronto guys. Let's create a kickstarter for a new vancouver sports radio with paterson and the kurtenbloggers.
  2. Tryamkin has got it

    So its overhyping to say he's played 4 good games? Hmmmm.
  3. Tryamkin has got it

    "Tree Man" has exceeded my expectations and I only expected a potential 3rd or 4th d-man. He's been so calm, stoic and nearly mistake free. The shot is the best on the team. He's the only reason I still watch games this season. Of course all the old people or negative folks will say he sucks or we need to wait 3 years before judging him or "temper your expectations". Screw that, he's the most talented d-man I've seen join our team since Luc Bourdon.
  4. Predictions on Rodin

    I'm not sure if the Canucks need players who are so mentally weak they cannot handle a word of criticism.
  5. Predictions on Rodin

    Anton Rodin = Tommy Santala