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  1. I love the longshoreman, really. God bless 'em. I don't understand why people feel that multinational corporations should be able to exploit people for as little as possible, to ensure that CEOs make more than 400 times as much as an average employee. Not only that, but they are so supportive of the CEO, but so against the employees who actually produce value. Is everyone so convinced that they are someday going to be upper management? Why be so strongly against the interests of lower class people? Any savings from giving longshoremen lower wages will only go to CEO bonuses, not magically to your wages. Instead of demanding others be dragged down to your level, why not demand you be raised up to theirs? The gap between the rich and the poor is the largest since the Great Depression, and yet people insist that the poor are the problem, stealing from the poor upper class. Stop fighting against your own interests!
  2. A xenophobic Russian? No way!

  3. Wet snow was just falling for half an hour at my house in east Abbotsford, enough to give cars and lawns a light coat. It's back to rain now. A mixture of hail and wet snow already did the same thing on Friday. What weird weather it`s been: warm winds combined with abnormally early snow. At least it makes it exciting to see how the weather is going to be for the Olympics.
  4. London and Hong Kong have been settled for 2000+ years, Vancouver's first major settlement was 140 years ago. New York has more than ten times the population of Vancouver. What do you expect? Don't compare blueberries to watermelons, you just make yourself look ignorant.