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  1. Give him a break, if Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey called you and tried to convince you to play for the Oilers, I'm sure any hockey player would do so without a second thought, plus Edmonton's only getting stronger as they load up on prospects and picks
  2. I know this been beaten to death and back to life again but I have to put my opinion here too. The new goal song is terrible, 1.The leafs, stars, and apparently detroit use it, 2. It's such a chelsea dagger knockoff it's not even funny, the context of the song itself is relitively the same 3. The song's just bad, like it actually sounds awful, I support change and don't care too...

  3. Any news on Brad Winchester potentially signing here?

    1. Try Again

      Try Again

      why dont u read the thread...

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      please nooooooo !

    3. Sully2Cool


      no there is no new up-dates on Brad Winchester signing here.

  4. I like the signing of Byron Bitz! If we can get Hansen and still be under the cap (which I'm pretty sure we will be) we got a pretty solid team!

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    2. #1Luongo06


      @ Hockey Playa .. Where is your patience?

    3. canucker43


      We add a 6'5 enforcer who alot of people were complaining we needed to beat boston. Although that's not the case, he's still a good addition, I never said were bonnified stanley cup champions. What he does do however is reduce the need to put AHL throwins on our 4th line. With a completely healthy roster, we look pretty good.

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      It's been a long summer with crummy weather alright? RT @#1Luongo06: Where is your patience?

  5. Man this place is a mad house in the off season