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  1. How stupid are these guys? I understand there are emotions but keep it away from Larsen when he's laying motionless on the ice. And then they decide to skate right over his head? Unbelievable.
  2. Crosby's work ethic is second to none. At times, it seems like Virtanen knows he's more physically gifted than anybody else and he's complacent. He's just going to test how far his physical gifts can take him. I really hope he can be a student of the game, much like how Crosby observed and learned from guys like Lemieux and coaches at different levels.
  3. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this may be the first time in his hockey career where things have not gone his way. His whole life, he's been blessed with all the tools in the world and he's always had his way. I noticed in junior there were a lot of the little things that Jake glossed over. I don't know if he's been called out on it or not, but more often than not, he just wasn't interested in backchecking. He was able to bully the 180 lbs 17/18/19 year olds in junior but he just isn't able to carry on his habits in the pro game. I wouldn't even be upset with leaving him in the AHL for a couple seasons. Let Green work with him and pay more attention to the details in the game and let him figure out what works at the pro level. His ability to score hasn't gone away, he just needs to make adjustments to his approach. He has a lot of maturing to do on and off the ice.
  4. And he was still able to get up and take care of business. Honey badger simply doesn't care
  5. In which part of my whole post was I whining? Do you deny that our plan was bring up youth into a winning environment? I clearly said, if by trade deadline we are still losing, things are not going according to plan and we need re-evaluate.
  6. That wasn't really my point. I thought he drew up a solid plan to ice a competitive team. The team is no longer competitive and we'll see if he adjusts. I've defended Benning and his moves many times and he hasn't done anything for that to change. What may now be a problem is not what he is doing, but what he is not doing. If he continues down this path, it may be problematic.
  7. correct, it is not even comparable. NCAA is much higher level of competition.
  8. When Jim Benning took over in 2014, we had finally wrapped up the most painful season in recent memory. He was left with a decent core group of players, around $20 million in cap-space (iirc), and a very bare looking cupboard of prospects. Understandably, Benning decided to try his best to ice a competitive team while finding younger players through draft and trade. Whether you disagree with this philosophy or not, it was a legitimate plan and many teams have been successful with this recipe. In his first season, he signed Ryan Miller and Radim Vrbata to help the group we already had. Kesler was also traded for a package and this was the start of the transformation. We had 2 first round picks, our 2014 draft was a huge success. The team was definitely strong enough to compete for a playoff spot and so they decided to keep Horvat up. The Canucks made the playoffs that year and lost out to the Flames in the first round. While the playoffs was disappointing, almost everything went according to plan. Playoff experience was valuable for Bo and the loss helped us identify the weaknesses in the team. The next season, we brought up 3 rookies and acquired Sven Baertschi. It was not difficult to tell Bonino was a little slow and bit small to play that 2C position. Benning traded Bonino for Sutter to solidify the position and recognized him as a "foundational player". Everything at this point looked like it was going according to plan. We were icing a competitive team while slowly inserting our youth into the lineup. However as the season went on, our players were dropping like flies. We were forced to rush Bo into a position we did not expect we had to. With all the injuries, we finished the season close to last and we ended up drafting a very solid defenseman. In the summer of 2016, Jim took a look at where we were as a team. He thought last year was simply unlucky as we had many of our core guys injured. He decided to trade McCann for Gudbranson to bolster our back end. Again, we slowly worked our rookies into the lineup with Gaunce, Tryamkin and a bit of Stecher. After our quick 3-0 start, we have lost every game after that and it seems like we can't seem to buy a goal. Now, looking at where we are as a team right now, are we still going according to plan? Obviously, things could quickly turn around and we could even make the playoffs. However, it just seems unlikely. It's clear we have a very weak forward group. If by trade deadline we are still struggling, shouldn't we adjust to what is happening? If we are no longer winning, we are no longer developing our youth in a winning environment. At this point, it does not seem like there are many options for us in terms of bringing in help. Our youth are suffering in a losing culture right now. Right now, we have several players that will be young enough to compete for the next cup push. Horvat, Baertschi, Virtanen, Stecher, Hutton, Gaunce, Tryamkin, Gudbranson are all young. Additionally, we have 3 top tier prospects as well as several very promising kids in the minors. Should we flip some of our guys for draft picks or young players like Vrana? TL;DR: If we are no longer bringing up our young players in a winning culture, things are not going according to plan. If we are losing regardless, should we move some of our guys for picks or younger players?
  9. So he said this in the hallway and some idiot reporter overheard? Is that accurate?
  10. People make it seem like Benning is constantly being fleeced in trades. When has he been fleeced?
  11. It's weird, even if we lose the remainder of games this season, it will never be as depressing as the Torts season.
  12. No more experiments, no more bargain bin diving. We finally have some moveable assets and we should not get anything less than a proven scorer in return. I'm pretty comfortable with our current D group to move Tanev. -develop Virtanen properly -move Tanev for a scoring forward -continue to develop Horvat + Baertschi -ease Boeser into the lineup next year -use our 2017 pick on a scoring forward -look at FA options There are a number of things we can do. Things are looking bleak now but IMO we have more options now than ever before. Demko, Boeser and Juolevi are 3 of the brightest prospects we've had in a while, we are not moving any of them unless we are getting a huge return.
  13. I agree, Jakub Vrana would fit us like a glove. Tanev is going to have to go the other way and we will have to take on some cap but it's worth it IMO. Juolevi, Stecher, Hutton, and Gudbranson were 4 guys we did not expect to have the same time last year. This gives us options and an opportunity to be bold.
  14. Ritchie is huge, has an excellent shot and solid hockey sense but since he's not a Canucks prospect he's fat and he'll bust. In hindsight, Nylander was far and away the bpa but at the time I thought Ritchie would've been excellent for us.