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  1. Being 29th in the league didn't help with things either...
  2. 19 year old Sam Bennett
  3. Hopefully he has a productive summer. No post-draft media obligations, just pumping iron and eating well.
  4. Tarasenko is built like a brick house
  5. As a current Beedie student, I was in the same position you are in. The expectation for me was always UBC and SFU really wasn't in my considerations until I actually started applying to schools. Looking back now, I can't imagine going to UBC for arts. I'm not going to talk sh*t about arts but Beedie is a phenomenal business school and there are so many opportunities. I think it comes down to who you are and what you expect out of university. If you are a competitive person and want to do "business things" like networking events, club work, etc. do business. I can't comment too much on UBC but I've been to a couple frat parties and the campus is quite nice. That's all I know about UBC. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  6. The same people disappointed in Juolevi's development would've been disappointed in Hampus Lindholm's development as well if he were a Canuck player. If you expect a fish to climb a tree, it will disappoint you every time. If Benning wanted a guy that went 100 mph like Subban, he would've drafted Sergachev. Instead, he opted for the safe, two-way guy in Juolevi. Benning knows exactly what he got.
  7. It looks like Shattenkirk really didn't want to stay in STL. The expectations for the return on Hansen should remain the same; late 1st/young prospect.
  8. They are VERY different players.
  9. Wow, he does not look good in that uniform
  10. This man has given so much to the team and played with the heart of a lion. Good luck Burr!
  11. Mike Tyson maybe
  12. These Swedes can't handle PLD along the boards
  13. I'm going to assume you're Irish because of your name
  14. Seeing as Juolevi is a year younger and was chosen captain over Saarijarvi, I don't think I am the only one who would choose Juolevi. Valimaki is not on the same level has Juolevi either. However, I see your point as I would choose those two to score over Juolevi. My point was that Juolevi is a safer defenseman and is multi-dimensional. I would trust Juolevi to protect a lead and I wouldn't be scared to have Juolevi in any situation. I probably didn't choose my wording carefully.