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  1. Ironically, it’s pretty much a pipe dream for the Canucks to win it all. The chance of winning the Cup is 1 in 24, while the chance of getting a possible generational player is 1 in 8.
  2. Horvat is a player you want in the playoffs. The guy plays in all situations against the opposing top line every night, takes a ton of faceoffs, and still be able to produce points with below average skilled players. He took over as the heart and soul of the team from the Sedins. Just look what he is capable of in the playoffs when we faced the Flames in 2015. He was probably our best player that series, while being a 20 yrs old rookie. Pettersson is our best skilled forward, but we haven’t really seen him takeover a game against a tough matchup. When he has been matched up against the opposition best players.......his line has been neutralized. Plus, he would fetch us a lot more value in a trade.
  3. I’m probably the minority, but I’d rather trade Pettersson than Horvat.
  4. Reading between the lines here, but I think Brackett wanted more of an input on the hirings/firings of scouts. Nowhere is says he wanted the ability to hire/fired his own scouts. As well no one knows how much of an input he had as the director of scouting. Maybe he wanted to be apart of the management group where they discuss what players to look for, or how to run the draft. Much like what Timmins and Murray do for their clubs. I don’t see this much as a Brackett vs. Benning debate. They are both great talent evaluators and wished they could have set their differences all aside and partner up as a tandem, running the scouting department. What bother me the most is Weisbrod is basically going to take over Brackett’s duties as the head of the scouting department. As a great Irishman once said, “I had no idea what he (Weisbrod) did around here.”.
  5. It was being reported Judd want to take full control of the scouting department (eg: overseeing the draft, combines, evaluation of prospects, etc). Much like what Murray and Timmins are currently doing. They are the ones who run the draft, not the GM. This is what Judd wants. With Benning’s scouting background, he wasn’t willing to let Judd have that kind of power. No one is reporting Judd having power of personnel decisions with the club. Like I said, it isn’t unprecedented for GMs to let their director of scouting run the entire scouting department. Not all GMs have a scouting background.
  6. It’s not abnormal for a GM to give up control of the scouting department. Yzerman let Al Murray take full control of the scouting department for Tampa. Same with Trevor Timmins for Montreal.
  7. shiznak

    Judd Brackett

    Myers wanted to be closer to home, which is why we had him at a discount with no ED protection (Seattle is pretty much the same distance between Vancouver and Kelowna). He would have gotten the predicted norm if he has signed somewhere else. Excluding Edmonton, Calgary and possibly re-signing with Winnipeg.
  8. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    His career rebounding was only slightly better than Jordan’s. His assist totals were far better, but thats due to being a SF, while Jordan played primarily SG throughout his career. Jordan led the league in steals 3 times and has guarded players way bigger and stronger than him (Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning).
  9. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Magic kind of contradict himself by saying LeBron is the best all-round player, but Michael is the greatest player of all-time. You can’t be called the best all-round without being great. Jordan has a defensive player of the year award and was named to 9 all-defensive teams to LeBron’s 6. LeBron is also notorious for having a below average mid-range game. He has a career shooting percentage of .368% beyond 10ft away from the basket. Whereas, Jordan is at .446.
  10. After 15 or so battles......I finally beat the top secret summons battle. Always died against Bahamut. You pretty much have to get lucky and not waste your summon material on the first three summons. After Bahamut, it’s the Pride and Joy boss and he’s nothing compared to Bahamut. I whooped his butt in 5 minutes. Only trophy left is to beat it on hard mode playthrough.
  11. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Debatable. Jordan, Olajuwon, Robinson, Shaq, Barkley, Drexler, Malone, Stockton, Ewing, Miller, Wilkins. IMO, were a tier above Pippen.
  12. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    In reality, no one could do it on their own when facing a superior team. Kobe couldn’t do it. Shaq couldn’t do it. Durant, Barkley, Pierce, list goes on. The argument wasn’t even that about, anyways. I posted a video proving why MJ is better than LeBron. You came in defense of LeBron saying........MJ couldn’t do it on his own, but ignore the other parts of the video where it shows both statistics and analytically why MJ is better than LeBron. MJ has the achievements and statistics over LeBron to back it up. Thus why people consider him better than LeBron.