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  1. People are upset that Luongo’s screwed us by retiring early, but are forgiven of what Kesler did because he regrets how he left. Yep, that totally makes sense.
  2. While I agree it’s not likely they’re going to move Domi. I just think you’re undervaluing Gaudette here.
  3. Gallagher doesn’t play on the PK anymore, ever since they got Armia. So, that doesn’t really make a difference.
  4. I wouldn’t say he kills penalties, considering he only has a whooping 18 minutes of PK time. I could say, Horvat kills penalties, but in reality he doesn’t.
  5. He’s manning Montreal’s second line, atm .... but can you say he’s a far better option than Gaudette? Production wise, they’re nearing identical.
  6. And you understand that Domi scores 70 points once, in his 5th year in the league, playing top 6 minutes. While Gaudette is in his 2nd year, on pace for 40 points, playing bottom 6 minutes. This year, Gaudette has 8 goals in 39 games, while Domi has 12 goals in 50. Gaudette wouldn’t be playing bottom 6 minutes on the Habs. Montreal has far less competition in the top 6, for him to be playing bottom 6 minutes. You can’t say Armia, Suzuki, Lehkonen, and Poehling are a far better option than Gaudette.
  7. Gaudette wouldn’t be redundant, because he’d be somewhat replacing the points loss by Domi at a cheaper cost (both play C/W). Gaudette is already on pace for 40 points this season. Montreal is also kind of shallow in the defensive department. I would say their best defensive prospect is Cale Fleury, who probably doesn’t have the highest ceiling. After that, there’s really not much to be desire on defense. Juolevi stock has drop considerably, but he’s still currently better than anyone in the Montreal organization.
  8. Never liked Kesler and I never will. So, it’s a hard no.
  9. If I were Bergy, I would want a young roster player, a top 3 prospect in your organization, and a conditional 1st for Domi. So, something along the lines of Gaudette (although I doubt he wants another small forward), Juolevi, and a conditional pick.
  10. I never knew having special playoff moments is a requirement of being a first ballot Hall of Famer. If that were the case than Joe Carter should have been one. Walker played in one of the most difficult outfields in Major League Baseball. The field is the second biggest outfield in the bigs and its ranked first in BABIP (batting average on balls in play) amongst all ballparks. It undaunted for an outfielder to win a gold glove on that field. Walker won 5 of his 7 on Coors. That is an impressive achievement. I’m not saying Jeter isn’t a surefire hall of famer, but the fact that it took Walker his last year of eligibility is a farce. When he put up better numbers than most of his peers that got in before him.
  11. LARRY WALKER 1 MVP 3 Batting Titles 7 Gold Gloves .313 BA .400 OBP .565 SLG .965 OPS DEREK JETER 0 MVP 0 Batting Titles 5 Gold Gloves .310 BA .377 OBP .440 SLG .817 OPS If Jeter didn’t play on those powerhouse Yankees teams. I would highly doubt Jeter would be an unanimous HoFer, let alone a first ballot one.
  12. Really? I’ll take that deal and won’t look back. The chances of Lind and that 2nd turning into a viable NHL player are pretty low. Lind is having a great season in the minors, but as you and I know that means very little until he can show what he can do in the NHL. I mean, take a look at what Pouliot is doing in the AHL, currently. A near point per game player in the minors, but he struggle to stay on a NHL roster. So, essentially the deal for Montreal is Virtanen and two hopefuls for Domi.
  13. They were supposedly cheating throughout the season. That video showed it was during the regular season against the White Sox. Again, most players struggle on the road (read my other post on other superstars post-season numbers). Going into a hostile environment, with the amplified noise against you. You’re bound to struggle. Another example is Mookie Betts in 2018. He was batting under .200 on the road, while batting over .350 at Fenway, in the playoffs.
  14. There is a theory out there that the baseball itself is juiced (not really sure how that works, but go watch it on YouTube) not the hitters. Thus why they broke the record for most home runs in a single season amongst the teams.
  15. Regular season he hit an average of .381, with 112 hits, 15 HRs, and 48 driven in. away from Minute Made Park. .311, 92 hits, 9HR, and 35 driven in at home. I guess they were stealing signs in other ballparks too.