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  1. Man, only Jericho can make something as stupid as "IT", go over with the crowd.
  2. Wait, it took him 4 years to finally open up and tell us the "truth" .......?
  3. Watching Lesnar's matches is like watching old re-runs of your favourite TV shows, stale and predictable.
  4. Sandow wasn't even getting a huge reaction, until he started doing the impersonation bit and that's exactly why he's so over with the crowd, because he was entertaining. But that doesn't mean he deserves a push. There are plenty of wrestlers, who are being undervalued by the company, who are just as (if not better), in every aspects than Sandow, that deserves a push over him.
  5. Seth Rollins handled that attempted attack, like a champ. "Haha. Is that the demon king?"
  6. I never really liked Sandow and always thought was overrated by the fans. There's one thing to be entertaining on the mic, but you also have to back it up in the ring and IMO, he was just a below-average work-men.
  7. Bret the Salt Man Hart.
  8. Dude, wrestling is fake.
  9. He's 36, which isn't exactly young, but he already has had two serious injuries. There were even talks of the most recent injury being career threatening.
  10. And Sanheim is? Both have yet to play a single game in the NHL. Both were amongst the final cuts in training camp, last year. Both were first round picks. Konecny will get every opportunity to make the club this year, as they lack top 9 scoring depth. Whereas, Sanheim will need to beat out Provonov and Morin, in order to stick with the Flyers. Konecny also has the advantage of being able to play all three forward positions. While having Sanheim will add depth in our weak defensive pool. I'd much rather have Konecny, as he's more likely to reach his potential.
  11. Boo-runs. Randy needs to be doing what Jericho's current role is/was, and that is putting over new/young talents or elevate the mid-card scene. I wouldn't mind putting the IC title on him for a lengthy run, then dropping it to someone like Samoa Joe or Nakamura at Mania'. Sadly though, there isn't enough big name young talents on Smackdown for him to be doing this. Except maybe for Corbin or Crews.
  12. Athletes death count in Vancouver: 1 Athletes death count in Rio: 0 So, yeah he's technically right. Seriously though, every media outlet who visited the Vancouver games had nothing but nice things to say about it, even praising it as one of the best Winter Olympics, in recent times. Yeah, it had a rocky start, but no Olympics are perfect. I never felt any danger walking around at 4am downtown, high fiving random strangers, the entire two weeks of the games.
  13. He can never replace Muni.
  14. People who vote on Jokers tend to vote based on who's the underdog on the show. For example, Frank was pretty low in the rankings, when he went on that power trip, but once the house turned on him, he's been atop of the rankings since. A lot of the hate towards Paulie stems from him being the alpha dog of the house, and him being associated with Paul, which a lot of the fans truly hate.