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  1. Nah, I think you should try again. Regardless what you and I think about him. Florida isn’t going to trade a defensemen for a forward. It just doesn’t make sense for them
  2. I’m talking about 5v5, only Ferland and Graovac had a lower on-ice save percentage than Brock. As for Horvat, he had a on-ice save percentage of 91.6 (5v5), 7th lowest on the team, in a much higher defensive role than Brock (ie: goes up against higher caliber players).
  3. He had the lowest on-ice save percentage and defensive zone start amongst our forwards. That should give you a clue that he isn’t all that great defensively.
  4. Florida was in the top 4 in goals against and top 7 in goals for. So, why would they trade their best defensive defensemen for a scoring forward who isn’t known to be all that great defensively, as the center-piece in the deal? Like I said, if we want Ekblad. It’s going to take at least Hughes going the other way.
  5. Kirk had more hits in one game, than Reese McGuire has had all season.
  6. Actually on 5on5 (where is matters the most), the analytics favours Makar. Hughes’ corsi was at 52.2%, 5on5. Whereas, Makar’s was at 52.7%. Not much of a difference honestly, but in terms of goals for, 5on5. The Avalanches outscored their opponents 62-47 (+15), when Makar was on the ice. While, when Hughes was on the ice, the opponent outscores the Canucks 69-62 (-7).
  7. There’s no way Florida would ask for that. Florida is essentially giving up their franchise defensemen for an inconsistent scorer who can’t stay healthy and an unknown prospects. If we’re going to land Ekblad, I’m almost certain they will be asking for Hughes+. - Hughes, Gaudette, 1st, and Eriksson for Ekblad and a 3rd - Sign Pietrangelo 6yrs, 8.7M Edler - Ekblad Pietrangelo - Myers Juolevi/Sautner - Benn
  8. My guess he’s going to Buffalo. They have a TON of cap space, owners/management are in a win-now mode, and it’s like an hour drive away from his hometown.
  9. I think Charlie’s decision to pull the starters out early is due to the starters not giving them any quality starts. It seems the starters, aside from Ryu, are always pitching themselves out of trouble. Thus, having high pitch counts within the first 4 innings.
  10. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I’ll admit, I wanted the Clippers in the finals, if the Raps made it out of the East, but since they didn’t.........I’m happy that they didn’t win this series.
  11. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I hate to rag in Siakam, but he’s been absolutely terrible since entering the bubble. It’s like he’s a different person. I understand why people would give him a ton of criticism. He signed a max contract, and people expect him to perform, which he didn’t. He didn’t need to carry the Raptors, but I expect him to at least give them 20-25 points a night and shoot above 45%.
  12. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I bet if House came in and put on Ben McLemore’s jersey. No one would even notice.
  13. I think Buck said today, out of their 36 games (not including the double header today), 18 of them were 1 run games (11-7 recorder). You can add two more to those totals.
  14. Travis Shaw is not a very good baseball player.