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  1. Honestly, I have no problem with this and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often with the new technology these days. You basically could place a hidden camera anywhere on the field (now that’s a bit too extreme). Plus, why is this coming out just now? Two years, after the Astro’s won the World Series. If this was an big issue, I’m pretty sure the league would have investigated it back in 2017. I mean, you can only do the “bat pound” so many times, that he league/umps/other players would eventually catch on.
  2. CM Punk’s deal is exclusively with Fox, not the WWE. The WWE has no control of what he does or say on the show. He can technically be apart of the show and still sign with AEW/ROH/NJPW.
  3. More like the team quit on him. The whole Luongo debacle was all misconstrued by the fans who drove him out. He never once demanded a trade out of Vancouver (find me a quote where he said that) and even if he did he never demanded a trade to only the Panthers (remember those rumours of him going to the Leafs and the Habs at the deadline). Luongo knew he was on borrowed time here, with Schneider in the wing, and just wanted to be a starter, anywhere in the league. Gillis mismanagement the entire situation by trying to find a new home for him at the deadline of that year. Then, 3 months later, out of the blue, traded Schneider instead of him. So, why would any player be in a good mood, when the team that you play for, doesn’t want you? Did he pout to the media? No. Did he refuse to sit out games? No. Did he refuse to show up to training cap? No. He acted like a professional and swallowed his pride for the better of the team and fans.
  4. Hence why I said the most fun to watch, not necessarily the best. Although I do remember a game where they played the Senators at home and it was dubbed “a Stanley Cup” preview. They even brought the whole damn Hockey Central panel (Kypreos, Millard, Dreger) to GM Place, to do coverage for the game. When was the last time they did that? That team made every single game, whether it be a 7-2 blowout or a tight 2-1 game, exciting to watch.
  5. You can blame the refs all you want, but at the end of the day their stars showed up, while ours didn’t.
  6. Dear Travis, Please don’t pull he goalie when the game is already out of reach. Those two empty net goals cost me a combine -6. Sincerely, A hockey fantasy fan.
  7. Or you can have Edwin play 1B and Tellez DH, while not taking out a power bat in the lineup. I’ll be a bit concerning with management if they think Drury is an everyday DH. Typically a DH is a power bat, and Drury is not one.
  8. Chalk one up for the “who cares” pile. I don’t get why us fans get so worked up when an opposition player says something negative about our team or player? Who cares what they say about our team, its their own opinion. Of course Binnington is going to say he deserves the Calder after the second half he had and statistically, Binnington had a way better second half than Pettersson.
  9. Doubt Drury will be an everyday guy for the Jays. He’s more likely an utility guy who comes off the bench. Edwin will be the everyday DH, while Tellez gets most of the playing time at 1B.
  10. Let’s be real here, when I think of defensive forward on our team, Pettersson would be one of the last guy I think of. One; he barely takes any faceoffs, let alone defensive zone faceoffs. Two; he doesn’t play in key defensive situations. Three; he doesn’t match up against the opposing top offensive line. If anyone on our team who has a chance of winning the Selke, its Sutter. That is if, he keeps up his production.
  11. While they didn’t accomplish much, I still prefer the 2003 team as the most fun to watch. Naslund - Morrison - Bertuzzi D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Klatt/Linden Cooke - Chubarov - Linden/Letowski Ruutu - Lindgren/Linden - Langdon/Linden Ohlund - Malik Jovanovski - Sopel Salo - Baron Allen
  12. Not sure how much you think Edwin is going to get on the market, but he’s a 36 yrs old DH, who just had an awful post-season. Batting under .200. While he still has pop in his bat. He doesn’t do much anything else. I would be surprise if he gets anything north of 15M.
  13. In all honesty, Sherwood got what he deserve by running rough shot at the Flames players all night, and jabbing at the puck for no reason. On that play, you can clearly see when Sherwood shot the puck, Rittich had it covered up with no problem. There was absolutely no reason for Sherwood to jar the puck loose on that particular shot on net. Did Lucic go overboard? Probably. Was it worth a suspension? Maybe. But I have no problem with what Lucic did to Sherwood. You must protect your goalie at all cost, and you certainly can’t let some nobody injury a key player on your team.