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  1. Offense isn’t everything. Alomar and Rodriguez won like 8 straight golden gloves. I would also put Jeter up there ahead of A-Rod.
  2. shiznak

    Canucks Rank 3 in THN Future Watch

    Just curious, where did Veleno rank amongst the prospects? He had a killer year, after free falling in the draft.
  3. If you’re talking about most talented player who used steroids, it’s Bonds. I wouldn’t put A-Rod in the top 5 in his era. Barry Bonds Ken Griffrey Jr. Roberto Alomar Ivan Rodriguez Ichiro Suzuki
  4. And this is why I was wondering why they didn’t release Morales instead of Tulo. It would have made more sense from a owners POV (cost efficiency) and a teams POV. I posted awhile back that it was inevitable Travis will get injured (he’s out for 4-6 weeks). They could have just platooned Travis, Gurriel Jr., and Tulo between the middle infield. Have Smoak and Tellez, platoon first base and rotate Tulo, Tellez, Smoak, and Travis at DH.
  5. shiznak

    Overhauling The Canucks - What Would You Do?

    Our fans’ motto should be “trade away all our deadweight. So we can find new deadweight to complain about.”
  6. The rebuild should have started way before the AV firing. I would have rebuilt during the lockout season in 2013 after another dismal playoff showing against the Sharks. Trade Kesler and Luongo/Schneider, and whoever else that wasn’t onboard for a rebuild (Hamhuis and Garrison), when their values were still fairly high. “Tank” the shorten season, and draft within the top 8, twice (with the Schneider trade).
  7. Tellez making a case for himself, as well.
  8. Horvat, Boeser, Juolevi, and probably two first rounders. In other words, not worth it.
  9. shiznak

    [PGT] New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 13, 2019

    There’s no correct formula for winning the Stanley Cup. I hate it when people say “to win in today’s NHL you need speed and skill.”. When every year it’s different from the previous year. 2000: Defense wins championships. 2001-2002: Offense wins championships. 2003: Back to defense. 2004-2007: Grit and depth wins championships. 2007-2009: Speed and skills wins championships. 2009-2011: Toughness wins championships. 2012: Speed and skills wins championships. 2013: Back to toughness. 2014: Back to speed and skill. 2015-2017: Offense wins championships. 2018: Back to speed and skill.
  10. I can see it now, we won because Pouliot didn’t play.
  11. Bring back DJ Dave.

    1. peaches5


       That guy was &^@#ing awful.

    2. 112


      no we need don't stop believing played at every home game

  12. Here we go, CDC got their wish Briesbois and Sautner are playing over Pouliot. Let’s see how much of a difference they will make.
  13. Injured prone Tanev and upcoming free agent Edler wouldn’t fetch us a first.
  14. It’s too bad Pouliot doesn’t have the ability to put up 50+ points or no one would complain about his defensive efficiencies or lack of it.
  15. I find it pretty hysterical the obsession of fans when it comes to Pouliot on here. I mean, it seem like every thread turns into a Pouliot hate thread, even when the thread doesn’t remotely relates to him.