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  1. Yeah, I think it's all fun and games, with Biagini and they just like to mess with him. I think Jesse Chavez did the same thing when they were playing in Oakland and he kind of shrugged it off. Smoak was walking by in the dugout, fist pumping literally everybody on his way.....Biagini extended his fist and Smoak totally ignored him. So, JB non-chalantly gave himself a fist bump. :D
  2. Not sure if this works Biagini.
  3. That could be the case if Horvat gets to play in a larger offensive role, but chances are he probably won't with Henrik and Sutter ahead of him in the depth chart. Domi and Duclair are basically Arizona's only scoring threat, upfront.
  4. -1 because you have a Kesler jersey. Anyway, I have a ton of sports jersey, when I used to splurge myself. I stop buying jersey once I realize, I rarely wear them. Unless it's to a sporting event, which I rarely go to. NHL - 1994 Trevor Linden Skate (Away, black) - 2005 Markus Naslund Orca (Home, white) - 2010 Alexander Edler Orca (Home, blue) - 2009 Rick Nash (Home, blue) - 2011 Jonathan Toews (Home, red) - 2010 Milan Lucic (Home, black) - 2010 Carey Price (Home, red) - 2001 Canucks blank jersey (Alternate, maroon) CHL - Milan Lucic (Alternate, grey) NBA - Kevin Garnett Timberwolves (Away, blue) - Steve Nash Suns (Alternate, Orange) MLB - Roy Halladay Jays (Alternate, black) - Brett Lawrie Jays (Home, blue)
  5. Meanwhile, Perry is sitting at home staring at his collection of hockey trophies and championship rings.
  6. Man, I love when people assume players are on the decline, just because they had a bad year. People have assumed Rick Nash have been declining since 2011, yet just two years ago he scored 42 goals. Same could be said about Joe Thornton.
  7. I wouldn't say all of our lines beat theirs. First line: Advantage definitely goes to the Canucks, but Domi and Duclair are two of the future stars of the NHL. Wouldn't be surprised if they both eclipse 60+ points, next year. Especially, with the addition of Goligoski. Second line: I give the advantage to Arizona, but only slightly. Rieder is a better all-round player than Bärtschi, playing with similar minutes. Sutter is obviously the more proven one when compare to Strome, but Sutter (at least to me) is more suitable as a shutdown 3rd line centermen. His offensive skills are limited, despite scoring 20 goals before. Mind you, that was only twice in his career. Strome is undoubtably the more gifted one, and is more likely to be a #1/#2 centermen in the league than Sutter. Doan/Vrbata, whoever they choose to play on the right side, are both a better option than Hansen. To me, Hansen is a bit overrated when it comes to his offensive output. Like Vrbata, he's a very streaky player, but unlike Vrbata, Hansen hasn't been a consistent 20+ goals scorer, throughout his career. Third line: This line is debatable, depending on whose on these lines. Horvat is unquestionably better than Richardson, but Arizona might decide to put Bolland as their 3C, who a lot better than Richardson. Rodin is unknown, and we're not sure if he even makes the team. McGinn is a serviceable 3rd liner, who has scored 20 goals just last year and 19, two years ago. Again, both Doan/Vrbata will be a better option than Etem, who so far in his career has been a journey player. So, I would probably give the advantage to Arizona. We also can't count out Dvorak, who might get a shot with the big club. Fourth line: I'll give the advantage to the Canucks, based on Burrows and Dorsett alone. First D pairing: Advantage Arizona. Any defense pairing with OEL, automatically beats any of ours. OEL is probably a top 10 defensemen in the league. He's the player we wished Edler turned out to be in his younger years. Arguably their best player and could be a Norris candidate, in the near future. Goligoski solidified their top pairing. Second D pairing: Advantage Canucks, but it's a lot closer than what people think. IMO, Stone is a lot better than Hutton, both defensively and offensively. He was arguably their second best defensemen, night in and night out last year. Some nights even better than OEL. He's essentially their verison of Tanev, but better offensively. I only give the advantage to the Canucks, because of Gudbrandson, but Michalek isn't some slouch of a defensemen. Third D pairing: Advantage Canucks. Nothing much to say here. Really depends how well Murphy, Tryamkin, and Larsen all play. Sbisa is the reason why I gave the advantage to the Canucks. Schenn seem to be bust, but is a viable 6th/7th defensemen. Whereas, Sbisa could play in the top 4, if need be.
  8. Man, only Jericho can make something as stupid as "IT", go over with the crowd.
  9. Wait, it took him 4 years to finally open up and tell us the "truth" .......?
  10. Watching Lesnar's matches is like watching old re-runs of your favourite TV shows, stale and predictable.
  11. Sandow wasn't even getting a huge reaction, until he started doing the impersonation bit and that's exactly why he's so over with the crowd, because he was entertaining. But that doesn't mean he deserves a push. There are plenty of wrestlers, who are being undervalued by the company, who are just as (if not better), in every aspects than Sandow, that deserves a push over him.
  12. Seth Rollins handled that attempted attack, like a champ. "Haha. Is that the demon king?"
  13. I never really liked Sandow and always thought was overrated by the fans. There's one thing to be entertaining on the mic, but you also have to back it up in the ring and IMO, he was just a below-average work-men.
  14. Bret the Salt Man Hart.