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  1. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Yeah, that’s why every time there’s an exhibition game in Vancouver it sells out.
  2. I posted this proposal in the draft thread. When someone mentioned, what if Shero came calling for Quinton, what would it take to deal him? To New Jersey: Quinton Hughes Ben Hutton One of Goldobin, Spooner, Granlund To Vancouver: Ty Smith Damon Severson Their own 2nd
  3. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Looks like Golden State is going to 3-peat this year. Don’t think the Bucks (or Raptors) can win a 7 game series against this dynasty.
  4. Hutton, one of Goldobin/Granlund/Spooner, and Hughes for Smith, Severson and their own 2nd.
  5. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Raps should have kept Jonas.
  6. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    Has anyone checked if Stephan A. is okay?
  7. The league screwed us by only allowing the Canucks to score 8 goals in 7 games. DAMN THEM!
  8. First off, I meant success in the playoffs. Secondly, half those players are either retired from the game and played in a different era or played with players that had crossed the line/plays on the edge before. Gretzky - Tikkanen, Messier, etc Sakic - Simon, Lemieux, Deadmarsh, etc Yzerman - Primeau, Shanahan, Chelios, McCarty, Lapoint, Holmstrom, etc Sedins - Burrows, Kesler, Cooke, Ruutu, etc Linden - Courtnall, Hunter, Momesso, Odjick, Brashser, etc Crosby - Malkin, Cooke, Ruutu, etc Ovechkin - He himself is a dirty player, Wilson Stamkos - Hasn’t won the big one Toews - Shaw, Byfuglien, Keith, Bolland, etc
  9. As bad as it sounds playing with integrity never gets you far.
  10. Contrary to popular belief amongst us, Pouliot isn’t as bad as he perceives. His mistakes are magnified because of the role he was given to by Green due to injuries in our top 4. When he was playing bottom pairing minutes, he did just fine. As mentioned by @oldnews his advance stats are on par, if not better, with other bottom pairing defensemen around the league.
  11. Well, we kind of knew the stellar pitching wouldn’t last.
  12. Well, someone in the top 8 or so is bound to fall, especially when the talent level between 3-10 aren’t that far off from each other. I mean look at last year, when Veleno, Dobson, and Zadina fell a few spots. Two years ago, Vilardi was pegged to be a top 5 talent in his draft year and fell to 11th.