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  1. Under these unfortunate circumstances. I thought WM was pretty solid. Rhea and Charlotte was probably the MOTN(s), while the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House match were surprisingly entertaining in different ways. This was probably the best WM since 31.
  2. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I don’t recall anyone defending LeBron when he joined the Heat. He got a ton of backlash for his “the decision” special. Then announcing to the Heat fans, that they’re going to win like 5 Championships.
  3. shiznak

    NBA Discussion

    I mean, I don’t like LeBron as much as the next guy, but you can’t hate on LeBron for what he did in the past and praise Kawhi, when literally he asked the Clippers to get another star (George) or he won’t sign with them. He also screwed the Spurs, threatening to sit out the season, demanding a trade to the Lakers. My gripe with LeBron is he’s a narcissists. He seeks all the attention for own ego, but that doesn’t take away how great of a player he is. Yeah, he needed a superteam to win a championship, but so did Curry, Pierce, hell even Payton and Malone tried to take the easy way out and join the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe to win a Chip. Remember LeBron did took a scrub of a team, in the Cavs, all the way to the finals, in 2007. Only to lose it to the power house Spurs, with Kawhi and Duncan. Likewise, in 2018. He tried to carry the Cavs but was unsuccessful against Curry, KD, and Klay. His lowkey meddling in the front office is another reason I don’t like him.
  4. According to Burke, when the Leafs was going hard for Luongo at the deadline in 2013. Gillis asked for Kadri, Gardiner, and two first for Luongo(+). Ultimately, the deal fell through cause Gillis was asking for too much and wouldn’t budge.


    Damn, I would have been happy with just Gardiner and two first.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Bold.  Gardiner has negative value, but that's a large price for Toronto to pay for us to take him.  Kadri would have been a nice replacement for Kesler.

    3. Strombone


      Luongo was always gonna go back to Florida. Even if it was accepted, the deal would have fallen through.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Burke's a w*nker who uses his media platform to try & whitewash/revise his past stupid, arrogant and/or shoddy managerial calls.


      Then he later tried to meddle with Van/TBay DD dealings. Tired of this blowhard. He ain't honest.

  5. shiznak

    Judd Brackett

    Surprisingly, Tampa Bay. Albeit they had a lot more picks/later round pick than the Canucks.
  6. shiznak

    Judd Brackett

    Because he was just an amateur scout between 2008-2015. Not until 2016 he was promoted to director of scouting.
  7. shiznak

    Judd Brackett

    He also pick guys like Nathan Smith, RJ Umberger (who refuse to sign), Patrick White, Michael Grabner, Jordan Schroeder, etc. When he was the head scout from 2000-2012. During that time frame, the Canucks had the second worst draft record in producing players who played more than 50 NHL games.
  8. OP said players you would want on your team, not necessary a star players. Walz was Manny Malhotra before Manny Malhotra.
  9. John Cullen Wes Walz Craig Janney Oleg Tverdovsky Dan Quinn
  10. shiznak

    Judd Brackett

    Just fire Weisbrod. He gets too much credit for the Hughes pick, simply because he was a family friend to the Hughes’. As a great Irish man once said. “I had no idea what he did around here.”.
  11. I wouldn’t say Hughes has a better defensive game than Makar. While, both players have flaws in their defensive game, it’s just too close to tell between the two (much like their offensive game) or there’s no conclusive stat on whose better. Although, while you’re correct that Hughes has a slight advantage on the possession metrics. One can argue in Makar’s case that, Makar has the better DPS (points that are contributed due to that player’s defense.) than Hughes, who is ranked last amongst our defensemen group. Now before you go, “wow Makar only has a measly .6 advantage over Hughes, in that department. Not much of a difference.”. You have to take into consideration that Makar is third on his team. If Hughes played on the Avalanche, he would still be ranked last amongst the defensive group. While, Makar will be tied for third, if he played for us.
  12. Mean streak? I’ve rarely seen Bure throw a hit. Now Mogilny had a mean streak. When motivate, no one could stop Almo. This what Aucoin had to say about Mogilny when they were teammates, here in Vancouver. He also said in this interview, if he had a choice between Bure, Almo, or Mess to start a franchise. He would take Mogilny over the other two.
  13. Well, the WM crowd is usually dead by the fourth hour, anyway. So it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference. Now it’s being reported that WM is going to be a two night event, in two different locations (PC and MSG). Honestly, this is the best decision Vince has made in a long time. WM should always be a big weekend event, especially now with how the roster is. Trying to fit everyone in one 6 hours (8 hours if you include the pre-show) event is tiresome to those who attend. No one wants to sit/stand that long. They should just have Takeover on Wednesday, the HoF ceremony on Friday and WM split between Saturday and Sunday (3 hours each).
  14. A lot of people say he’s more talented than Bure was. The only thing Bure had over Mogilny was his skating.
  15. There’s only one answer to this and it’s Linden....... no awards or skills can match up to his leadership, determination, and heart he gave to this organization and community. Nominating Alexander Mogilny