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  1. Well, given the information we know. I think that lineup is doable. Shapiro said this upcoming season's payroll will be higher than last season's (159M). Estimate, in the top 10 of MLB (160-175M). Currently, the Jays sit at 120M. That gives them a maximum of 35M to spend. McCutchen's salary is 14M, plus a club option. Fowler will definitely get overpaid . Rumour has it, he's seeking an annual salary of 18M per season. That will push their total to 32M. They can go dumpster diving for relief pitching, just like every other year and find a viable backup with the remaining money. It will be a tight squeeze, but very doable. Hate to lose Travis, but he's makes Sami Salo look like Iron Man, these days.
  2. If you're going to trade for an outfield, trade for McCutchen. His value is at an all time low. Probably can get him for Travis, Pompey, and Greene LF - Fowler RF - McCutchen 3B - Donaldson 1B/DH - Morales SS - Tulowitzki C - Martin 1B/DH - Smoak CF - Pillar SS - Goins
  3. Every now and then, Otunga will throw in a nice one-liner. "He hit him with No Chin Music!" "He's the chin, who got the pin."
  4. If they aren't willing to meet Edwin's demands, then they better go hard for Fowler. It's either or, it can't simply be neither.
  5. Willie Desjardins
  6. Only two natural right handed defensemen?
  7. And will be put on the list, ya dig?
  8. Hearing the soft crunching sound, when walking on fresh snow.
  9. Team Canada roster prediction: Dubois - Strome - Beauvillier (loan) Barzal - Jost - Cirelli Knott - Kyrou - Pu Howden - McLeod - Steele Nolan Girard - Juulsen Chabot - Hobbs Mete - Clague Fabbro Hart Ingram Edmonds
  10. Well, if you factor in age, no. However, if they were the same age, I wouldn't be oppose to it. Couturier is already one of the top penalty killers in the entire league.
  11. Anything north of 5M would be an overpayment, imo. He'll probably get a similar contract to Sean Couturier's (6yrs, 4.3M).
  12. You got to ask yourself, does Tanev really make much of a difference when he's in our lineup? With him or without, we're still a below average team. Us fans tend to be overly attached to our players and overvalue them. I like Tanev as much as the next guy, but he really doesn't bring much to the table than what Gudbranson, Sbisa, and Tryamkin already bring. JVR wouldn't push us to the top as a playoff contender, but he will certainly help us with our lack of goal production.
  13. Tanev for JVR is the closes value you're going to get for both teams. Same age range, and similar cap average. That being said, even if Toronto is in desperate need of a right handed shutdown defensemen. They not going to trade their best LW'er, especially one who has chemistry with Marner for just Tanev. Toronto has no one to fill the void left by JVR, if he's traded and right now he's their only scoring threat on the left side. In Toronto's mind his value is way higher than Tanev's.
  14. I thought that highlite reel segment was gold, even if you saw it coming. The smarky Toronto crowd ate it up.
  15. That was Smoak. He also got left hanging by Jesse Chavez too, on a different occasions.