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  1. No more beer for you. :<
  2. Vanek has been useless on the powerplay, because of the Sedins. They spend most of the time passing it around trying to find an opening rather than shooting the puck. Vanek is great at re-directing pucks on net and finding the loose rebounds. He can't do that when no one is shooting.
  3. The secret of getting positive rep point is posting a funny meme or gif. That or try beating Vintage in trade news.
  4. - Scratch the 4 forwards layout - Demote the Sedins to the second unit - First unit: Granlund - Horvat - Vanek - Pouliot - Stecher - Second unit: Sedin - Sedin - Boeser - Del Zotto - Gudbranson (net presence) - pass it to the point and let them fire away
  5. No one was particular good or noticeable tonight. Not even Boeser, who scored a nice goal, but other than that, he loss a ton of puck battles in the offensive zone.
  6. Apples and oranges, you can't compare an American market price to a Canadian market price. Now, if you compare the other Canadian teams, only the Senators and Flames have cheaper tickets. So, I don't understand, the whole "high ticket prices" argument.
  7. Having a winning history is irrelevant. Detroit and Boston have multiple Cups and they've had trouble filling out their arena before.
  8. Honestly, I don't think the "die-hard" fanbase is as strong as people think it is. You see other Canadian cities, like Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, etc still fill the arena, in their dark days.
  9. Minutes aside; Del Zotto has been our best defensemen including the pre-season. 1. Del Zotto 2. Tanev 3. Gudbranson 4. Edler 5. Stecher 6. Hutton
  10. There's no doubt OJ will eventually become a good player, but I honestly don't consider him as a defensemen you can build your team around but rather more of a complimentary player. Hamhuis/Vlasic/Maata gets thrown around as player of his potential, but none of those guys are/were the undoubtedly number one for their teams. Benning went with the safe pick, rather than hitting a homerun. Which is fine, but even sometimes, taking the safe pick can backfire on you ala Luke Schenn for the Leafs.
  11. I agree, HIAC was a pretty good PPV. Although, Sami's heel turn could have been executed better by having him come in earlier in the match and pleading Owens not to jump off the cage on Shane, but then later encouraging Shane to jump onto Owens (maybe even helping him), before surprisingly pulling Owens off. I don't know, anything would be better than having him awkwardly at ring side. There was even a slight botch by Owens in the that spot, where you could clearly see Owens reaching out at Sami's hand before Sami even made a move to grab him.
  12. His match with Ambrose at Roadblock was great. - Both Evolution vs. The Shield matches - Triple H vs. Bryan - Edge vs. Hardy vs. Triple H - Triple H vs. Michaels - Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin Those matches are the ones that stood out, and I have even mentions the ones against Austin, The Rock, and Mankind/Mick Foley.
  13. Triple H is an old school wrestler. His matches are more about storytelling, and being methodical than hitting big moves after big moves. Yeah, apparently Triple H finally got the approve from Vince to do a War Game match in WWE, albeit in NXT.
  14. I have to disagree with you here. Vanek seem to thrive playing with players who can skate and forecheck hard. In Detroit, he mostly played with Nielsen and Athanasiou. In Florida, it was with Bjugstad and Marchaessault. Bo and Sven both fit those criteria, and in my opinion would be a perfect 1B line. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Granlund Bärtschi - Horvat - Vanek Eriksson - Burmistrov - Boeser/Virtanen Gagner - Sutter - Dorsett PP1: D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Vanek Boeser - Stecher PP2: Bärtschi - Horvat - Gagner Eriksson - Del Zotto/Hutton
  15. It amazes me that various coaches still believe Edler is useful on the man-advantage. I don't think he's been effective on the PP since 2011. Take him off the PP, use him in prime 5v5 situations, and PK. He really shouldn't be playing 20-22 minutes a night. 18-19 mins is more suitable and less taxing on his body.