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  1. Lamb Chops Play Along Fred Penner's Place Wishbone Bananas in Pajamas Freaky Stories Theodore Tugboat Recess Shining Time Station
  2. That was more of a list than a ranking. I would have mentioned those names above, but I see those players as more of a two-way, puck-moving defensemen. Which Tanev doesn't really possess in his game.
  3. That could be the case, if it were true, but we don't know if there's a shortage of young quality defensemen available on the market. There's always surprise names out there, that we never thought would be available, but then suddenly are. When the season began, Hamonic's name was out there. Gudbranson suddenly became available after a strong playoff. Kulikov was rumour to be available as well. Then you have all the RFAs, like Barrie, Lindholm, Vatanen (before he signed), Ristolainen, Orlov, Trouba, etc. That they could poach. It's more than likely GMs kept low-balling Charelli with offers, that he finally caved in and overpaid for a quality defensemen. If anything Tanev's value is closer to Gudbranson's than what Edmonton gave up for Larsson. All this talk, about Tanev getting someone like Landeskog or a similar player like Hall straight across, is living in a fantasy world.
  4. Well, totally missed the point in my post, but..... Gudbranson Alzner Larsson Gudas Hjalmarsson Like I said, unless a team is as desperate as the Oilers were, in looking for a defensemen. It's highly unlikely Tanev can fetch us a Taylor Hall, one-for-one.
  5. Why the hell are people bring up the Hall/Larsson comparison? Is Tanev better than Larsson? Debatable, but no GM in their right mind would make that trade. Edmonton was in desperate need of a shutdown defensemen with potential offensive upside. Everybody and their mothers knew this. The only solution for Charelli to get one was to overpay. If people think Tanev can bring in a Taylor Hall type caliber player, you must be swimming in that big pool of green and blue koo-aid.
  6. Cruiserweight division is on RAW, yet Kalisto and Tyler Breeze gets drafted to Smackdown......epic fail.
  7. RAW has Balor as well. So, no Styles vs. Balor, unless it's at one of those joint PPVs.
  8. First pick is.......Roman Reigns.
  9. I like Tanev as much as the next guy, but Tanev is pretty one-dimensional, and doesn't really wow you in any way. He's smart defensively, but even at times, he gets caught out of position, or is physically overmatched by the opponent (cue the "he plays with Edler" argument). Sadly, on our team he's a top 3/4 defensemen, but on a playoff contender, he's more likely a 4/5 defensemen, who can move up and down the depth chart. The Hall/Larsson comparison is moot, because no one in their right mind would make that trade, even if Larsson becomes a solid shutdown dmen. Everybody knew the Oilers were desperate for a defensemen, so Chiarelli had to pay a hefty price to get one.
  10. WWE bring back the cruiserweight division, me likely. Also, 6 picks for tomorrow's draft will be from the NXT roster. Aside from Balor, American Alpha, and maybe Bayley, I'm not sure who else they would bring up from NXT. I think it's best, that they save Samoa Joe's and Nakamura's debut, until the next RAW after WM. Plus, it would really hurt the NXT brand, if they started to bring all the seasoned vets or "big names" onto the main roster at the same time. Roode could be a candidate, but he just debuted in NXT, and I'm not even sure they aired that episode yet. Heard a rumour, that Vince is really high on the No Way Jose gimmick, but again he just debuted on NXT, and is very green. Darkhorse picks could be Hideo Itami and Camarella.
  11. If Landeskog was available, Colorado would want no less than two young NHL players, in a return. My proposal would be Tanev, Baerstchi, and a 1st round pick (most likely in the 15-20 range) for Landeskog. Then Colorado could flip Tyson Barrie to the Rangers for Krieder.
  12. George Bush hates black people.
  13. Thoughts?
  14. You guys are ruining this thread, please stay on topic.
  15. Mike Milbury.