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  1. He scored 30 goals just two seasons ago and was part of the World Cup team for Canada.
  2. Marner is better than Matthews. Hossa (especially in his prime) is a better defensive forward than most Selke finalists. Aside from the goaltending, the 2003 Canucks were a much better team than the 2011 Canucks. More entertaining as well. Brad Marchand and Duncan Keith are better human being than most of us on CDC. I miss Chris Higgins and his abs.
  3. For some odd reason I thought The Brain was already
  4. To be fair, none of those players you mentioned were top 5 picks, in their draft year. For someone who is suppose to be "the best" defensemen in his draft class, fans are expecting OJ to blow their socks off and so far he has had a very underwhelming prospects/main camp. As expected though, this is the typical Vancouver hockey fans we're talking about. We expect all of our prospects to reach their highest ceiling and make the club at the age of 19.
  5. My guess this will lead to Owens vs. Hunter at WM, where Trips puts over another one of his babies.
  6. People think Cena is unstoppable on the mic, but the thing is he practically has the freedom to say whatever he wants without a script, while others are given bullet points of what they have to say or in some cases an actually script to memorize.
  7. I'm afraid they are stuck with Tulo, with his NTC kicking in after he was traded to Toronto. There's always an off-chance he will waive it, but the only team I could see him waiving it to is the Dodgers. No chance that's happening, with Seager there.
  8. Cena is pretty much a special attraction (a great entertainer) that garner views, with adequate wrestling skills. I could probably name 50 past and present wrestlers, who might not be as popular as Cena, but are on par with him on the mic and are better in the ring.
  9. At this rate, the LAs games will end before this one.
  10. The only thing Cena has going for him, when you compare him to the greats is his loyalty to the company and even then we're starting to question that, when he sporadically shows up whenever he wants, because of his side projects. When it comes to overall performance (ring work, mic work, selling) I wouldn't even consider him in the top 10.
  11. Yup, Aaron Rome would have definitely made a difference in that series.
  12. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Granlund Bärtschi - Horvat - Vanek Eriksson - Sutter - Boeser/Gagner Gaunce (when healthy) - Burmistrov/Gagner - Dorsett Extra: A rotation of Burmistrov, Gagner, Boeser.
  13. A rebuild would be a complete waste of Sanchez's/Stroman's careers, much like what they went through with Halladay in the early 2000s. It would also be unfair to the fans, going into another rebuild, after witnessing the magical runs they had the past two seasons. They still have the pieces to stay competitive next year. They just need to spend (or atleast willing to spend) money on the right players (ie: Arrieta, Cain, Walker). I would also try and get rid of unwanted contracts, mainly Morales'. I was never a fan of this signing from the start and not because he was essentially Edwin's replacement, but paying a player top dollars, just to be a DH is wrongful. He doesn't bring any positive element to the team than what the Jays already have.
  14. You're acting like RNH is in his mid-twenties and only trending downwards, he's 24. He also signed that deal 3 years ago, which many thought it was a complete steal.