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  1. YouTube Thread 2.0

    Hey everyone I decided to make a new highlight video for Maxim Lapierre. Im currently enrolled in film in Montreal, I would love for you all to please take a couple seconds out of your time if you don't mind, please check this video out. Its a tribute/highlight video. Let me know what you think. Hope you like it.
  2. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    NO! Jaque Martin he is a horrible coach, I along with all the other people who live in MTL were waiting for the day for Jaques Martin to get fired, We had a celebration party outside the bell center the day he left. I think our best bet is either Guy Boucher or Carbo both these guys I am very familliar with and can forsure lead us to promise land. Martin ruined alot of players in MTL including one who is on our team right now (Max Lapierre) He pushed lappy to a point where he made him deamand a trade out of MTL, he ruined the development of Latendress-Pouliot-Andrei Kostitsyn-Laraque-Stewart-Emelin etc Sergei Kostitsyn even tried to leave MTL with out telling anyone because of JM's poor coaching. Carbo was great for development and made MTL play good offensive and aggresive hockey, I saw Guy Boucher coach a bulldogs game and this guy is a fire cracker who will enhance the development of our prospects.