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  1. talked to someone at the team store yeserday , we wont be getting our free Jersey till Nov or Dec , but they get them in stock next month
  2. Only thing I’m waiting for is the huge list of benefits we get to choose from and I just want that free jersey already
  3. when do we get our benefits list? and as for the free jerseys looks like we will get them all at a separate time
  4. it is , i dont drink
  5. so i went for 314 row 15 to 318 row 9
  6. it should be in your account manager says on the email
  7. my session is at 630 now , the first email i got said 830 , this makes it better
  8. got my seat selection for next week, looks like im in the last group which means ill prob find nothing in my category to upgrade to lol
  9. there is suppose to be a Prospects game coming up at rogers arena for STH only july 6th , doors open at 430 all the info i have
  10. This is my 4th season also, call your rep about the card, that what I had to do
  11. im in the last row of 314 and looking to move down to row 9, will be hard though
  12. i renewed the first day also
  13. did any of you guys get the invite for the Benning / green meet n greet next week?
  14. april 29th
  15. https://my.canucks.com/benefits