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  1. I kinda hope Canucks start on the road in the playoffs
  2. canucks are already taking deposits for new members next year on their website
  3. They coyotes game in 321 row 1 or somewhere around there a ticket is going for 1k each
  4. ticketmaster released a bunch of sedin retirement tickets
  5. So if we do make the playoffs do they charge for the first 2 games then if they play the next game needed will they charge for that one or do you pay for the entire series up front?
  6. I wonder how bad the attendance this week will be at games with skytrain not running for the leafs or hurricanes game If they don’t reach a deal
  7. i wonder how the toronto game on a tuesday is doing in sales
  8. id rather have a card for entry , i dont wanna rely on my phone , do something like the bc lions / whitecaps have
  9. My friend who is a full STH got this from the Canucks
  10. i got 121 row 15 for the jan 4 game , see you there
  11. im in that canucks buy/sell group on facebook and people alway try to low ball you there