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  1. I got rid of most of my December only leafs and dec 23 oilers I’ll be at
  2. I choose the 500 club event / concert , supposedly theres an event in feb coming here I wanna go to hopefully club 500 is open
  3. It’s an extra pair , they don’t know where tickets are it’s all generated
  4. I’m kinda hoping we get lower bowl, the game I chose is sold out upper bowl
  5. I chose the NYR game , wanna see those skate jerseys up close hopefully
  6. I talked to a rep about this at the game for not getting mine and they were useless
  7. The prize as in special opportunities that they only offer the left over crap?? Like I even asked for a blank home jersey and they won’t offer that ..... I feel they cater to all the new season ticket holders , ya 8 season tickets and they can’t offer to u anything is ridiculous, aquilini super cheap this year , feel like lots of staff are on the hot seat tho
  8. i bought the skate jersey the first pre season game with it , use it at the store when the main day time people aren’t there
  9. this is my 4th year as full season, my rep gary just left the canucks i got a new one, ill be complaining tomorrow to one of the reps at the game , i don't have a prob with the on ice product , but if i ever were to cancel my tickets it be reasons like this , im unsatisfy this year with my perks and few others
  10. I’ve been using auto renewal for the past couple years
  11. i didn't get anything ...... im kinda getting fed up with my perks this year , i never got my benefit email, the reps are useless
  12. I had about 6 or 7 still haven’t got a benefit besides my road game viewing party
  13. My account rep is moving on, I swear I get a new rep every season
  14. wonder when we will get our free pair of tickets for renewing