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  1. i went from 2 seats full season down to 1 seat 1/4 pack just to remain a member
  2. I just got the email for the payment plan, for whenever the next season is, I’m not opt in to pay till im allowed back
  3. i wonder how all single game tickets are getting refunded from ticketmaster
  4. i waited almost a month for my refund when i paid early for playoffs , i was told 7-10 business days, also depends how many asked for refunds
  5. im trying to use it on a jersey it doesn't work but works on other items
  6. Do our discount codes not work on vanbase anymore?
  7. Anyone get invited to the webcast tomorrow with toffoli and tanev?
  8. i wonder how many of the small markets will have to fold during this?
  9. I’m going to put it towards next season, I only got 11 game pack , but when the season comes back they still owe me a benefit from this season , so I’m going to try and get something out of it next year
  10. im not sure what the hold up is , they had 2 months to figure something out , i went from full to ice pack next year just before all this started, hopefully my remaining games will pay it off
  11. cause i had faith in the team making the playoffs
  12. i put a payment for my first round playoff tickets on march 12 , then everything went downhill from there, on april 3 i requested a refund of those playoff tickets , to it would take 10 business day , its been past 10 business days now , then i emailed my rep the other day again he saying the fiancé team is backed up with refunds , ill be patient and give it a few more days if not ill cancel my tickets also,