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  1. Worst analogy ever. Comparing losing games for a high end draft pick to quitting a job? Not even a little bit similar.
  2. Not that interested in an over-ager who isn't ripping it up in the Q. Rather save the contract spot for a diamond in the rough Finn or Swede or NCAA player.
  3. Expected results vs superior team. These are the games Benning & Company should use as a guide to where this team is. Sell, sell, sell. Hansen, Burrows, Miller & Sbisa should all be sold. I would honestly be open to trading everyone not name Horvat or Tryamkin if it brings back picks & prospects. I'd say Edler but he's unlikely to waive.
  4. Larsen is bloody terrible. On for the majority of scoring chances and it always seemed to be his man with the best chance. Weak with no compete level. 4 more games vs these guys...I don't like our chances in any of them. Horvat looked good again, thought Baer looked good too, but that total team effort will always = loss if the goalie doesn't steal it for us.
  5. How deep is your team when Hossa is on the third line? 4-1 Hawks. Keith gives 2 elbows for the Sedins.
  6. 1000 pts for Henrik. Couldn't be happier for him! Congrats Hank!!
  7. 3-1 Florida. Henrik hits 1 post, Danny 3 posts. We do not get to see point 1000. It will never happen tonight. Ever.
  8. First, I don't believe he will see the ice during a game. Second...seriously frig off with thread derailing, meaningless each other..MAN.
  9. Turned it off. Like watching an old school Wild game. I despise the trap. Please create an illegal defense penalty to keep 5 defenders out of the neutral zone. I would rather watch an exciting loss than that garbage.
  10. Nobody will be traded. Picks are most likely to be traded for "character" guys like Prust & Dorsett.
  11. 4-1 Flyers. Megna with more ice time than Bo.
  12. He isn't that good at all. 11 goals with all that 1st PP unit time? Worst stats on the team for possession. He scores a game tying goal and a thread starts declaring him a God...seems about right for CDC. FYI..if he's the 2nd best forward then this team sucks hard.
  13. 6-1 Nashville. Willie dress 3 defensemen and plays only Rodin all game long as his revenge for all the questions. Rodin scores on a 1 on 4 PP but WD sites his poor play through the rest of the game as reason why he was right to sit him all along.
  14. Only an idiot looks at a team that is 2 games over 500, bottom 8 in damn near every category for possession metrics, that is riding good goaltending against some weaker teams and says, "Well, rebuild complete." This team is not good. The are mediocre and playing above their heads right now. Miller will not play this well through the rest of the season. This team still lacks a puck moving defenseman, 2-3 top 6 forwards, size & speed, depth in the farm...other than that yeah..we're great.. Chaput, Megna & Skille are still on this team, one of them is playing on the first line. Glad you're riding high during this streak, but the rebuild isn't even half done and this team has no business even thinking playoffs. I'm reserving the rebuild judgment for 2-3 years from now.