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  1. Sigh...I do not like this management group at all.
  2. Not going to be going for anyone from ANA now. Vataanen & Lindhom out for 5months or more. Labrum surgery.
  3. I don't like how our management talks about our young players. They are too frank & too willing to point out flaws, it's going to come back & bite them when they try to sign free agents/college kids. I'd rather sign with an organization that doesn't have a habit of calling out their youngsters in the media, that's a top to bottom organizational issue that should be addressed.
  4. We don't need a small, soft, overpaid player, we already have Ericksson filling that role for us. Hard pass.
  5. Seriously sucks to have 1 thread on this topic and try to read through 2 pages of 2 people bitch fighting over last years draft. Take that crap to private & stay on topic. I've been watching Glass & Middlestat lately and I'm still not sure who would be the better pick.
  6. Trade this crap pick for a bag of pucks. $&!#ty draft, tank again and keep tanking Edmonton style until we get a generational player.
  7. Who do we select with the 5th pick in the draft?
  8. The same group that lied about Virtanen's fitness level? Weird that.
  9. Hate how every thread on this site turns into two wanks bickering back & forth for 5 bloody pages. You don't need to say all the words that come into your head north do you need to attempt to bend the will of another poster to see it your way. You will NEVER GET ANYONE HERE TO SAY "OH, I'M WRONG YOU'RE RIGHT"
  10. Just brutal. If the coach and management weren't utterly incompetent this wouldn't happen. This is a big blow to the team. No way to spit shine this into something good. Just ugly.
  11. Only 82 games longer than they should have taken to fire him. Big thanks to the tank commander for getting it done Willie style. PS, you will not be missed.
  12. Just saw the mock draft from Sportsnet, they had Granlund being taken, along with Burrows & Hansen. Crazy.
  13. Need to string some more losses together to leap from Arizona in the standings. All about that pick.
  14. Means more ice for Megna & Chaput.