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  1. Can't see much of a market for an overpaid bottom pairing defenseman. I wouldn't waste assets trying to aquire Sbisa, no idea why any sane GM would. He'll likely even make it through the expansion draft.
  2. How does Hudler fit the mold in question? Big - 5'-10" 183lb. Nope Scoring - 161g in 676gp = 0.23g/GP. Nope Winger - got one outta 3. This is not the big, scoring, rough around the edges winger we need. He's tiny, older and doesn't score a lot. Not worth spending the money or roster spot on. Especially if he wants term. I'd take a flyer on a 1 year deal but with low expectations that he would improve on his Panthers numbers. My preference is Landeskog. Price is high but his size, skill & age make him worth it. I'd willingly give up any combination of Hansen, Tanev, Sbisa, Edler, Virtanen for him. I'd even throw picks in.
  3. Would be if this was the Evander Kane thread..isn't so...yeah..
  4. I'd happily trade Virtanen, Tanev & 2018 1st for Drouin instead of Landeskog. Lightning are going to be up against the cap with Bishop if they can't ditch him. Might be able to pry the kid from Yzerman with him knowing re-signing Drouin won't be easy with the money he has left.
  5. Please don't overpay for this aging, soft, concussion riddled forward. Rather target Brouwer or better yet, Okposo.
  6. Please don't waste contract spots on these guys..not worth it..neither is freaking Cracknell.
  7. Pathetic..we get none of the players we wanted. &^@# Edmonton.
  8. Excellent news. Happy to get that taken care of. Now onto the draft.
  9. Entirely too much speculation when determining future RFA contracts. Sbisa is not the standard setting contract for these players and will not be a factor. Nor would he be a factor in what Hamhuis were to be paid if retained. If you want to speculate using extremely high RFA numbers then why not speculate that the Canucks traded Burrows, Higgins and Miller with no salary retained? It is not possible to accurately determine what our cap situation will be for this coming year...let alone next year.
  10. I'll take the optimistic view here. I can see this team in the playoffs next year if a couple of things go well. A 23-28 year old FA, like Okposo is signed and we draft 1st or 2nd Overall and end up with Matthews or Laine. Re-sign Hamhuis and have a healthy Sutter, Henrik and Edler. Sedins-Okposo Baertchi-Sutter-Hansen Matthews/Laine-Horvat-Virtanen Dorsett-Granlund-Gaunce/Burrows if not bought out. Edler-Tanev Hutton-Tryamkin Hamhuis-Biega/Pedan/Larsen Markstrom Miller I think if healthy that's a line up that makes the playoffs and wins a round as well. Year after you add Boeser to the mix and McCaan after an AHL stint and this team is even better. A lot has to go right but it isn't impossible.
  11. That is what I would prefer to see. These kids should be able to sign a contract & remain in college, it benefits the teams and the players. If not that then the QO mentioned above is what I was thinking. Basically want them to make it difficult for college kids to leave the drafting team hanging.
  12. Don't be a dick. I made a valid point. Dispute the point. Is there a risk both get poor advice and wait until free agency to handpicked the team they want to play for in the location they want to live? Yes there is. It's the same risk associated with Russians. You can't be sure either will play for the team that drafted them or go their own way, hence the question I posed and the statement I made about closing the loophole in the next CBA. My statement was not panic and doom & gloom. It's a very real possibility that either or both can be convinced to play else where. Demko may be convinced to sign in Anaheim, San Jose, LA. As a free agent he'd be free to do so. Brock might feel the need to stay close to home. Minny is a good team. Maybe he likes the idea of playing for New York, Florida, hell, he could wind up in a storied franchise like Montreal if he wants to. Who are you to say neither is thinking that controlling their own destiny while completing their college education isn't looking real good? If I could choose any franchise to play for it wouldn't be one of the worst teams I'm the league. I'd be checking Chicago, LA, Anaheim & Washington before I'd be checking Vancouver out. I'd be looking to play with greats like Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, before I'd be looking for the Sedins. There are tons of reasons for them both to choose free agency. What are the reasons for them to choose Vancouver?
  13. There is a reason he was available so late in the draft. Talented kid but college kids are getting the same rep as Russians. Should you waste a pick on them or just try to get them via free agency? Next CBA needs to close that loophole so we don't see teams losing their draftees to other teams. I'm concernedthat both Brock & Thatcher are going to take that path. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  14. Dirty hits? Really? GTFO. He had 1 late hit that was deserved and OP labels him as dirty. 19 year old first year and he gives up on him but still believes he's worth a high draft are bloody brilliant..slow clap.