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  1. What are his defensive metrics like? Can't seem to find anything.
  2. You can't use forecheck or grind in the same sentence as Eriksson. He had 3 hits last year, he doesn't grind anything but his morning coffee and probably needs his wife to do that for him. Still wouldn't trade him for Lucic though.
  3. Good. Edler was doing his best to screw over #teamtank in the first but soon righted his wrongs by insisting on shooting weak wristers wide or into the crowd. That's how you tank. On to our next loss please.
  4. After listening to Benning discuss this trade I have to say I'm quite concerned about the development in Utica. Benning described the game they are trying to develop as essentially a grinders game, hard on the puck, chasing down low is what I recall him saying. That's great for guys like MacEwen but trying to turn a skill guy into a grinder isn't development, it's counterintuitive and pretty disturbing. It also sheds some light on why the Comets haven't been producing NHL players at all. Gaunce isn't an example I'd use, there hasn't been a NHL player of any real impact from that team at all.