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  1. Your kidding right?

  2. 2011 Canucks VS 2014 Projected Canucks

    I guess some of the variables/questions for the coming season would be: 1. Will the Sedin twins manage to find a way to regain their form during the previous years, and will playing with Vrbata help them accomplish that? 2. Will Burrows rebound from a disappointing season and remind everyone why he's earning what he is? 3. Can Higgins maintain his point production after losing Kesler? 4. Kassian has been making strides every year, just how far will he step up this year? If Bonino can hit 20 goals this year that would be a real positive for the team, which doesn't have many players that can achieve that regularly. It will also be interesting to see how players like Jensen, Vey, Horvat and Corrardo fit in with the team, and if they are able to stick with the lineup past the first 10 games.
  3. Mixed feelings: 2013-14 Broken Heart

    I totally appreciate your post, it takes guts to post something like that, what with all the Canuck "fans" who have nothing better to do with their lives than to make fun of others in order for them to feel like they are the least bit important I have a feeling that I will be feeling the same way with Kesler come the off season. I liked him before he was even a Canuck. And when we drafted him I took it as a sign. He became my hands down favourite that day in 2003. I bought his jersey, t-shirt, puck, and even got a hat and framed picture signed by him. I remember a time when me, along with maybe 3-4 other people would wear Kesler jerseys to games. Now every other person does, cuz they finally like him. Get this, back in 2009, I was in the hospital from Nov. 3rd, to Dec. 2nd. That season, Kesler didn't score a goal between Nov. 3rd and Dec. 5th (the first game after I got out of the hospital). Nobody can possibly understand the connection I share with him. It always hurts when a special player to you gets traded. I'm sure one day you will find another Canuck that you liked just as much as Luongo.
  4. At the draft..

    I think most likely the highest we will draft is 10th, barring trading up. I wouldn't mind seeing the Canucks slump next season to get McDavid, but let's face it, the Canucks won't play so terribly next year that their chances of drafting 1st will be high. But if they continue this downward spiral over the next two seasons, we should be in a great position to draft either Tyler Benson or Dante Fabbro (or others) in 2016.
  5. Burr and Kes stripped of A's?

    I was wondering if anybody out there could clear something up for me? I thought with the Canucks having many leaders/veterans of the team on the team that they had selected 4 assistant captains instead of the usual 2. With Daniel and Kesler wearing the 'A' at home, and Bieksa and Burrows wearing them on the road. But of late all I'm seeing is Daniel and Bieksa wearing them. Now I know it really isn't a huge deal at all and the players probably don't care, but does anyone know why Kes and Burr don't ever wear the 'A' anymore? Is it because Torterella prefers the usual one captain, two assistant captain model, or is he "punishing" Burrows and Kesler?