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  1. Raymond, Ballard and a 2nd for Crosby and Malkin.
  2. That would be cool... On a basketball jersey.
  3. I'm super excited to see the Sharks battle for the Cup! Sharks was my favorite team in the NHL in the 90s
  4. Ah, okay. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info
  5. I haven't read any names in the newspaper, so I can't comment on that. Honestly, I think all Swedish players rather win the Stanley Cup than the World Championship. In my opinion it was stupid of the Swedish management to release the roster for the World Cup as early as they did, I think that decision turned some NHL players away from representing Sweden at the Worlds.
  6. Yes, you are 100% correct. This years Tre Kronor team has to be the weakest in recent memory.
  7. Nope. Adam Larson plays for the Devils. You're thinking of Philip Larsen.
  8. Congratz to the win guys and good luck in the next game. This had to be the worst Swedish team in years, though :/
  9. Do it!
  10. I like how CDC'ers always seem to cheer for which ever team that will hurt Boston the most
  11. If we'd kept Raymond, Rome and Ballard we would have won at least 8 Cups by now.
  12. Forsberg (you're talking about Peter, right?). Which hockey tournament excites you more: the Olympics or the World Cup of Hockey (the new concept)?
  13. I can't believe how much fun these CAP games are! Every time I see an update in this thread I get genuinely excited. Thanks Mikey for doing this