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  1. 6 for 5 years and I say the hand over that pen.
  2. That would be unfortunate. I was excited about Tryaminkin. Yes, it's a late round pick, but lets be reminded that Jamie Benn was drafted in the 5th round.
  3. I've wanted to see Pedan re-called for a while. Waive Bartkowski and let this kid play out the season. Making the PO's this season would be a huge mistake anyways.
  4. I've never been a fan of Burrows. Yes, that Round 1 Chicago goal was fire, but I would still like to see the organization move on from him. I would also be curious to see how he would do on another team.
  5. Would take Raffi back in an instant. Toss him on the 4th line and hope for the best. I'm sure he's got a few big time goals left in the tank. #freeraffi
  6. If you're putting Naslund on one of these then you gotta go with #22! I'm probably 95% sure that I've come across some pictures of a game worn #22 in black. I could suss it out if you were actually going to have one done up and wanted to be certain that he wore it.
  7. I really wish the Canucks could wear jersey patches for games and tributes like this. Makes jersey collecting much more interesting. They always shy away from patches.
  8. In my opinion, Hamhuis and Higgins both need to go. Weber needs to be nothing more than a call up and not a staple in any pairing.
  9. I'm more than sure that Tootoo will pay Burrows back next game. If Burrows had any honour, he would give his turtle move a rest for once and swing with him. Dorsett needs to take a back seat for this one.
  10. Burrows is such a tool. I'm sure Tootoo has heard all that can be said towards him over the years. Burrows must have really gone next level here. I would love to know what this idiot actually said.
  11. Regardless, we lost a somewhat decent prospect for absolutely nothing. Whether he ever made an impact with the Canucks or not, that always stings. I'm not at all surprised he got claimed.
  12. We desperately need this guys' nastiness. Somebody needs to smash this Ferland punk and show him what real insanity looks like. Kassian is the only guy in the entire organization that brings that element.
  13. So many uneducated posts about this trade. I'm all for this. Looking forward to seeing him suit up.
  14. Miller is such a kook. I would be furious if they signed this guy. What ON EARTH are they thinking?
  15. What the hell are you talking about?