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  1. Benning i'm sure would enjoy it, he's a meat and potatoes sort of guy
  2. Thomas Jurco is getting under a million, i would think that baer would get similar, short term bridge contract for low money. If you would ask who I would rather have, i'd save Jurco as he's got better stats and a bigger body of work at this point in time.
  3. They haven't been able to bring much to the playoffs since our cup final run. So , I don't see teams wanting the sedins. That is unless they are cheap to attain. Imagine if your team got two top 6 players for peanuts from the Canucks or free agency. As long as it's a low risk/cost , moderate reward play perhaps they could end up on a cup team. Don't expect the Canucks to get too much back, it is Benning making the trade. We seem to only get back cents for the dollar.
  4. All of those teams have the components to make it. Us and our aging core vs. cores that are entering their prime. Only SJ is in the same boat as us, but they have some great up and coming guys with potential. I don't see us in the playoffs barring some major roster overhauls. I don't see this team playing poorly , just other teams got that much better as they gained playoff experience, youth movement, comeback from a terrible season ( AVs + Dallas + SJ )
  5. This player sounds pretty promising. I hope it'll be a later bloomer success story. If not it's great PR. Imagine him playing as a snuck visiting the Canucks sick kids. That would be inspiring!