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  1. I think that's their point. They need to identify the asymptomatic.
  2. They don't care about that because they're the same kind of Christian as Trump is........false Christians. There's nothing Trump could do to make them turn away from him, but I think he's going to lose the rest of the Republican party and I think there's a chance the Dems sweep all three branches of government. Of course for that to happen, people need to actually vote and we know how that goes.
  3. I think Donnie may have finally gone too far
  4. easily the most controversial SNL sketch, but awesome too. There was a good gif for this, but not appropriate and I don't feel like getting another ban!
  5. Dead Honkey (only a few will get this reference I think)
  6. I expected more kids back, especially since I'm in a moderately low socio-economic area, but our admin was pretty open with parents that this wasn't going to be a coming to school to hang out with friends on the playground experience. Social distancing was going to be respected and they only have a 15 free time period outside for lunch (they go outside with their teacher quite a bit, but not unstructured time.. I think most parents and kids just want to start up again in Sept
  7. tThe buds weren't the biggest of the unch, as it was late to flip to flower and suffered when I brought it in to finish, but the mint smell from it was over powering and it's easily my favourite strain of the ones I grew last summer to smoke.
  8. That's why i picked the critical 2.0, it has a high resistance to mold and bud rot. I was sad to see the seed bank I deal with seized by the RCMP about a month ago.......luckily I got my order for this season before that.
  9. a greenshouse is the way to go, for sure. We are in the middle of getting a designated medical grower licence and our plan was to buy a blackout greenhouse and get a mid-summer harvest and a fall harvest. Covid screwed us on that one, as they put everything on hold, so we didn't get the greenhouse. It looks like things are moving again though and hopefully we get our designation mid summer sometime. The big ones were good, but I don't think we got a true representation of the yield as bringing them inside knocked them back a lot.
  10. Summer crop strains Bean Stalk (2nd season) Moby Dick (2nd season) Blue Dream (2nd season) Hawaiian Purple Kush (1st season) Critical + 2.0 (1st season) Fire OG (1st season) Last season I went with 65 gallon pots to see if I could grow the big trees, which I did (as evidenced by the bobcat pic in LL's pics above), but I had to finish them inside and the large pots created problems with space. This season I am going with 15 gallon pots so if we have to finish them inside, it'll be far easier to get them into the room.
  11. I was just thinking we needed a growers thread yesterday. Well done LL. Ive got my summer crop outside, enjoying whatever sun it can get. Bit of a rocky start getting supplies with all the pandemic closures etc, but they'll catch up!
  12. I think most of us feel pretty ok, as far as workload goes. There's a pretty low bar on expectations for the rest of this year. I'm lucky to have strong admin who understand that there is a massive strain on everyone right now and their direction is to take it pretty easy and get to the finish line. My school has very low turnout, probably 20%, but other schools in my district are in the 60-70% range and that poses a variety of problems. Distance learning is one day a week and some teachers are live streaming some lessons to those who chose to stay home, but for the most part we're just doing our best to find a good balance between classroom and distance learning.