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  1. that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Many of the worlds great leaders and innovators have been educators.
  2. Green seems to think he does, he's been very complimentary of Jake's play and he doesn't give empty praise
  3. I think '94 was a more complete team because they had skill, size, speed, intimidation and goaltending.
  4. it's not controversial, just stupid
  5. really? I, and quite a few others, have been saying that all along.
  6. That seems to me what his mindset has been. He seems to take mistakes and penalties very personally and takes measures to avoid them both. I hope that the coaching staff and front office are telling him that penalties are acceptable, at times, when he is being physically aggressive with the opposition. If he can make use of that part of his game, without drawing the attention of the refs, oh boy
  7. not surprised you, of all people, need the instant gratification element to be happy. That said, I was advocating for MT, but if Juolevi can reach his ceiling he is going to be a far far better player than Tkachuk
  8. I'll take a school teacher to lead my country and care about it's citizens over a CEO any day of the week.
  9. Canada doesn't need a CEO as a leader
  10. all 4 of those players have an NTC
  11. games could be does not equal career
  12. I didn't see a single trap in that game. Clogging up the neutral zone is not a trap, it's a defensive system
  13. His hitting has fallen completely off, but I think it's because he's working on being a good NHL dman first and foremost and Cheech and Shorty hit the nail on the head last night when they talked about his reaction to taking penalties........I think he was getting called and was worried he was being targeted because of his size.
  14. that was an embarrassing moment in Canucks broadcasting