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  1. Yup, I've been saying from the beginning this was going to be a loooong haul.
  2. For those who don't know Wade Davis, watch "The Serpent and the Rainbow". He's seen some sh!t and he's seen society at its best and at its worst. So many great points in this article, but the one that sticks out for me is that the people protesting masks, calling the virus a hoax etc are cowards, not brave enough to square up and face what needs to be done to fight this virus. I agree completely, those people are as cowardly as it gets
  3. true effing story...........there's some scary people in the boonies in both those states
  4. And we know that is mostly because his military advisors don't give him information because they don't trust him to not start a war.
  5. Well, we were at about 10% in my school, so that's not saying much. I don't see people "over the pandemic" at all. I see selfish, short sighted people who don't want any sort of inconvenience in their life whatsoever and I see the bulk of the people quite concerned with the rising numbers and quite concerned about sending their kids to school with no idea how safe it is. I'd say a very small portion of the population is over the pandemic
  6. On the other hand it would be fun watching the Oilers or Leafs self destruct in a couple years because they wouldn't be able to pay all their stars without completely decimating their depth.
  7. No Bouwmeester. I'd rather face Bishop than Bennington as well
  8. I agree, I think the Blues are a tough match up. Dallas has a lot of talent, and they've given Van a rough ride, but they play a more wide open game and don't have nearly the kind of heavy shutdown game the Blues do.
  9. Rumour is owners don't want to play with no fans and hub cities don't really benefit them financially. I'm all for it, however