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  1. most of them are just accidents, nothing they can do to prevent those.
  2. he doesn't need Boeser for that
  3. there are quite a few who stay in the NHL rather than go back to their Jr clubs.......most of those kids would be better off in the AHL
  4. I understand the reason they originally wanted, but now they have really shot themselves in the foot. I think a lot of kids are now seeing that the CHL isn't, necessarily, their best path to a career in pro hockey and are going Jr A and then college.........they are putting those kids at a disadvantage and now people are starting to see that.
  5. That, I agree with
  6. Pretty much sums up your approach to life I would bet.
  7. I would say this is as affordable as tix have been since they moved over to GM place, relative to inflation. They have 9 players on their everyday lineup right now, who are 24 or under and 4 pretty certain additions coming in the next year, maybe 2. They're completely set in goal and have a shockingly deep d is the rebuild not in full motion and trending forward?
  8. I don't disagree with that, but we also want them to be the successors to the twins, or at least carry some of that load, and Rodin is a far better fit in that way. Again, Rodin isn't some 21 year old kid, he's a seasoned vet who understands what it means to be a pro and to prepare, mentally and physically, as such. I do understand what you are getting at, however
  9. what is it that you think a rebuild looks like? Of course it's going to be a cpl years, at least the canucks haven't had a decade of utter futility in every aspect of the org, like Calgary (to an extent), Edm and TO, yet we are still in the same ballpark as they are in the youth movement.......the difference is that Edm and To won the lottery. You need to not look at fwds when comparing the Canucks and start looking at defense and that context, the Nucks are far ahead in the rebuild.
  10. Rodin was the SHL MVP last year, his pedigree is legit. It's also pretty widely noted that he plays a solid 200 ft game. Maybe he doesn't forecheck as well as Burr, but both Bo and baer are excellent forecheckers, so I don't see that as a tool that Rodin needs to have on that line. Don't get me wrong, I love Burr on that line and I think he's responsible for a lot of their success, but at some point you have to think about a year, two, three into the future and I see the Baer Bo Rodin trip as a line that probably spends the bulk of the next 5 years playing together, might as well start sooner rather than later.
  11. I think both Baer and Bo are past that stage now and Rodin isn't some green rookie either. he's a defensively responsible professional veteran Though they split some of the duties, for the most part Sutter gets the lions share of the matchups on home ice. I think it was more that WD didn't really see a need to matchup against NJ's top line.
  12. i always seriously doubt your knowledge, but to say the Coliseum was quiet? I'm not sure if you actually attended games there or not, but I went to lot of games and it was a very nasty, very volatile rink for opposing teams to play in.
  13. exactly.........keeping the puck out of the net is, truly, the most important element
  14. Put Burrows back with the twins, Eriksson back with Sutter and Granlund, Gaunce with Bo and Baer and Megna with Skille and Chaput. Danny hank Burr Baer Bo Gaunce Gran Sutter Eriksson Skille Chaput Megna when hansen and rodin are ready to go Danny hank hansen Baer Bo Rodin Gran Sutter Eriksson Burr Gaunce Skille
  15. for this year, I agree, but next year and the year after, I'm betting we see him move into a position where he can flex his offensive muscles with players who can do the same.