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  1. Yeah, he does. I'm pulling for the kid, he was fun to watch last year.
  2. Agreed, I actually thought he was a very effective fwd.
  3. Ehroff was a legit NHL dman, Subban is, right now, far far from it.
  4. Except Subban doesn't even come close to handling AHL fwds. People need to get over the idea that somehow Subban's offense will balance out his "somewhat poor" defensive play. Understand, Subban is very bad, defensively, in the AHL........somehow He's going to be able to handle the biggest, fastest, most skilled fwds on the planet? Sorry, that is not happening
  5. Defensively, he makes Weber look like a Norris trophy winner. No way in hell he can handle NHL calibre fwds when he gets worked hard by AHL fwds. People need to let it go.........for at least 1-2 more seasons
  6. And Green said, many times, that Subban's defensive game had a long way to go before he was even close to NHL level. Watch some Comets games, he gets best to the outside, he gets overpowered on the boards and is completely ineffective in front of the net. I love his offensive game, but it doesn't even come close to overcoming his defensive issues. He's a long, long way from the NHL.
  7. He was one of the best in camp and pre-season last year. I would expect as much, or more this year.
  8. Of course, but for me he would have to vastly out play other fwds who would have to pass through waivers to stick. The org can't yet afford to be losing anymore depth, not at this critical stage of the rebuild.
  9. He will have to earn it like everyone else come September. What he did in 9 meaningless games for a bottom 3 team at the end of last season will have no bearing on where he will start next season. Same as everyone else.
  10. They will do what's best for the young players and the FUTURE of the org, not the present. If they were so dead set on young guys in the lineup, they wouldn't have signed free agent fwds.
  11. That's a helluva argument you put forth there. Im convinced!
  12. Why wouldn't Boeser? Because he scored 4 goals in meaningless games at the end of last season? A rookie spending time in a development league is a good thing.
  13. Jake, Boes and maybe Goldy might very easily spend the season in Utica.
  14. McEneny? He is waiver eligible, I believe. There's a good shot he stays in Van.
  15. I've never understood the need to declare a winner in a trade. Its not a contest. As you said it's about addressing needs and improving your team.