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  1. I don't like that Green gives him breaks while keeping Jake down, but that's not Leivo's fault. He works hard, has good instincts and I like him, but just doesn't have the consistent skills to play the role he's been given.
  2. If it was a miss, there's a pretty good chance it was Leivo on the receiving end! He missed a few last night
  3. Peteys biggest issue, imo, is fan/media expectations. People are portraying him like he's Crosby or McD........he's not, he's probably going to be a ppg avg player over his career, which is fantastic, but he's not likely to be the player fans are building him up to be
  4. People forget how well this team played last season when they were healthy.
  5. Total fallacy that Jake can't pass, just like the rest of the myths surrounding this player.
  6. To be fair, Niskanen came out of nowhere at top speed......Sutter didn't really stand a chance. I don't think it was Suts' best game, but there wasn't much he could do there.
  7. I've been playing/coaching for 45 years and I've never seen that not be a penalty shot.
  8. Both BB and Petey Are standing still and holding on to the puck like they are expecting the perfect lane to open up if they just hang onto it a second longer. As I thought last season, the Petey/Brock experiment is not an overly successful one.
  9. Haha, what? I loved Bert, but he was a total floater.
  10. The thing that puts Grading ahead is his work with the org after his playing days were over.