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  1. That likely means Boeser going the other way.
  2. I can't believe how bad Calgary looks on this series. NM is, obviously, almost impossible to neutralize, but it's more that Calgary looks lazy and disinterested to me. Smith is standing on his head and the Flames are letting the AVs come in waves.
  3. This idea that JB sits back, like some bump on a log, while his scouts do all his work for him is absolutely laughable.
  4. I'm basing my opinion on his play on all three zones, which is, actually, quite good in two of them
  5. There is no one to blame but Kadri. You want to point fingers, point to him. I hope he's buying the entire team dinner every night for the rest of the series.
  6. Hey, Mathews is actually playing this series. Didn't realize that until now
  7. Well, this thread did not disappoint