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  1. to get Dillon, who I do like, would mean giving up a moderately significant asset. Perhaps they do a goldy or Baer swap for him.........anything other than that and it's probably not worth it for JB
  2. All three have been healthy, for most of the year, but I do get what you're saying. However, to keep him, Benn and OF on the roster means that fwd depth will have to depleted to make room on the roster. In thew end, I wouldn't complain about it, but don't think it's absolutely necessary either.
  3. I've never had a lot of tolerance for the "Jake has low hockey iq" crowd. You're right that being a takeaway machine is as much about smarts and anticipation as it is about physical skill. Additionally, he's a very under rated passer and probably one of the best on the team for getting pucks to the point in the ozone.
  4. Boeser is too easy to shut down when he plays with petey, they looked much more effective last night. That said, I'm sure he'll be back there in due time.. There is zero chance they take Pearson off Bo's liine
  5. I'd take OF as well. Benn is good depth and might be better with a better d partner, but OF is better overall.
  6. whats the point? He'll have OF and Benn ahead of him on the depth chart. Claim him just to have him sit in the pressbox for the rest of the season?
  7. I'm happy that he's been healthy, but his play hasn't been great, imo. That said, he will have value, but if the Nucks are still in the the thick of it, I don't see anyway he's moved.
  8. Fantenburg and Benn play a different game. I find Benn to be better in the dzone, but OF is a much better passer, no question, and he's better in the ozone.
  9. he's actually a great candidate for playing his offside
  10. Disagree, the actual have more passing options open to them on their offhand. It opens up the middle of the ice, as opposed to ringing it around the boards. It does take a more skilled dman though
  11. Petey and Boes together is too easy to shutdown. They looked far better with jake on that line, imo. I'd prefer Boies be on Bo's line, but I don't think he's got the defensive cho[ps to play that role and those hard mins, so AG's line is the only place for him to go.
  12. Actually, it's not oin the defensive zone that it becomes an issue, but in the ozone when he has to try and keep the puck in on his backhand. Tons of advatnages too though and it's not that big of an issue, imo. Many players prefer it, myself included.
  13. They were on serious lock down in the third. Other than the chance that Marky stoned them on, the Coyotes couldn't get much going. All in all a pretty low key, 34 save performance for Markstrom.