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  1. IMO he's got nothing left to prove in the AHL and I can't see him responding well to being sent down. He looked very dangerous playing with the twins and added a a much needed spark to their play. Everyone gets giddy with goals, but BB has a lot of holes in his game that need to be addressed. Goals are great, but I want him to be a complete player. If he comes in and makes it impossible to send him down, great, but anything other than a lights out camp and he should start in Utica with players who he will be playing with for a long time to come.
  2. Skating, defense positional play, consistency, mental fatigue, building chemistry with other kids his age. I'm not arguing he came in and looked good as a goal scorer, but the game is a lot more than that and his skating needs a lot of work. The AHL is a development league where they play the bulk of their games on weekends and practice all week. Could Brock come in and be an opportunistic goal scorer? Of course, but I want him to reach his full potential, not just as a guy who stands around the net and knocks pucks in. Starting in the AHL gives him the opportunity to practice and develop that he won't get in the NHL grind. Certainly doesn't
  3. a 20 goal guy isn't a 2nd line player?
  4. he would never make it through waivers
  5. depends how bad he wants to prove himself and avoid being relegated to the Siberian tundra of the KHL. One year, one million and see what he can do.
  6. one way, two way makes no difference to playing in the AHL, other than how much $ is made
  7. Indeed we will. His contract isn't causing any issues atm and he provides a solid 200 ft game
  8. Sutter was the 2nd best overall fwd when he wasn't hurt last season. Nothing wrong with his game or his contract
  9. and a PP and PK guy. If he scores 20 and plays all special teams, he's more than earned his contract. Who gives a crap where he plays
  10. who are they going to send down in his place? Goldy? He's done everything he can at the AHL and has good chemistry with the twins/ Boucher? And lose him on waivers? There's nothing wrong with letting BB get his pro feet under him in Utica
  11. It's possible, but Granny is a proven 20 goal guy so I think they would defer to him......that said Bouch played well with Bo and baer last season. Truly, there's a lot of mix and match that can be done with that lineup
  12. Boes Virt Dahlen McEneny Subban Cederholm Cassels Brisebois Labate Carcone Molino Mckewan McKenzie Chatfield Zhuk all could be starting the year with Utica.......have they ever been able to make a claim on so many decent prospects? They will need to find some guys to play C, however.
  13. Baer Bo Granny Sedin Sedin Goldy Loui Sutter Boucher Gaunce Chaput Dorsett Rodin Right now, I think that's how they start the year. Not great, but at least we're starting to see the young guys taking over