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  1. man, people have no clue
  2. Oldnews is right that he's still young, but this was his second pro season and he didn't look any better in his own end. I actually really like him and I'm pulling for him, but you can't teach size and strength and those are the single biggest obstacles in his game. I guess he could up the compete level in his own end, ala Stetcher, but I don't think that's part of his toolbox the way it is with TS. This season will be make or break for him, that's pretty obvious.
  3. Not sure how much clearer it can be made. he's not just "not great defensively", he's poor at the AHL level and is outmuscled pretty much every shift. How is he going to handle Ovie, Thornton, Burns etc etc? He can't, that's why he's not in the NHL and will probably never get a serious shot at the NHL
  4. what a ridiculous idea
  5. compete level and hockey iq, imo. Jordan is as one way as you can get.
  6. all of the above. He is often out of position, but he is skilled enough he can recover. His biggest issue is that he is just too small to handle the other teams players, of almost any size. He can't win battles along the boards or in the corners and he is useless in front of the net. Unlike Stetcher who battles to the death in his own end, Subban seems to just accept the fact that he can't win battles and rolls over.
  7. I watched upwards of 40 comets games this past season. I can assure you, if anything, his defensive play is understated
  8. you don't seem to get it. He is defensively awful in the AHL, in the NHL he won't make it three shifts.
  9. One thing I like about Subban is that he almost never phones it in. He works hard, tries to create, he's just not good defensively. No matter how good his offense is, he will never have an NHL career with his defensive game. I know people don't want to hear it, but it's true.......he's that bad.
  10. spoken like someone who has never seen him play
  11. Carrick was awful in the playoffs........his true ability was exposed, imo. Not with a 39 and a half foot pole
  12. that is not his problem. His problem is he gets beat, continually, one on one in his own end, can't win board battles and he cannot handle players, in any way, in front of the net. And that is at the AHL level.
  13. that is exactly what giving him minutes means. Offensively, he was enjoyable to watch. In his own end, he was a big liability, and that was at the AHL level. I like Subban, but based on how bad he got worked at that level, I don't see any NHL career for him. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. I watched Subban about 40 times last season. I've seen.
  15. Pedan/UFA/McEneny Subban is not next up on the list, McE has passed him on the prospect list