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  1. Ugh. This team is maybe THE worst when it comes to asset management. Could've gotten a pick out of this, instead they give him away for free...... gonna be a looong season.
  2. ugh. "bandwagon fan" sometimes i forget im on a sports teams forum.
  3. i'm sorry i hurt you're feelings. i'm sure papa linden and papa benning will buy you some candy and make you feel all good inside.
  4. I genuinely love having two teams that I've cheered for my whole life, Penguins and Canucks. I am so glad that at-least one of those teams has a chance of winning. I just don't think I can throw my support behind the Canucks this coming season when I legitimately feel smarter than those who are running the franchise. Too many BAD moves this off-season that show a COMPLETE lack of strategy and understanding of managing of assets.
  5. I'm amazed at the forums lack of willingness to see that the Canucks just paid two players who are nothing more than a replaceable 4th liner and depth/bottom-pairing defenseman upwards of combined 6 million dollars. Make you're excuses as to why they're good, like they grit hard, or are glue-guys, but that doesn't change the facts.
  6. Yeah, but his bro is living in Texas (tan) and looks more like his Dad anyways.
  7. Fire GMJB!
  8. As they say, once you're in the playoffs - anything can happen. Unless you're a Canucks fan, then you can see the future.
  9. Lu will start. Edler + prospect. Gillis has to realize that the grand UFA market era is pretty much gone. I'm still loyal to this team and root for them win or lose.
  10. Biggest difference in the video between now and then is that if Burrows got that kind of breakaway tonight, the crowd would be dead silent. Our arena is a graveyard.
  11. Well done, Salo.
  12. Maaaaan. Kesler has not won a single important game in his career. - Gold Medal 2010 Olympics - Game 7 2011 Finals - NHL Playoffs 2012,2013 - Semi-Final, Bronze Medal 2014 Olympics Not trying to bag on him, as he's a BRILLIANT player. But, seriously.
  13. seeing both my favourite teams (Nucks,Pens) swept away last year was very sobering. Winning isn't dependant on scoring.
  14. Canucks 4 Habs 0