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  1. Ugh. This team is maybe THE worst when it comes to asset management. Could've gotten a pick out of this, instead they give him away for free...... gonna be a looong season.
  2. ugh. "bandwagon fan" sometimes i forget im on a sports teams forum.
  3. i'm sorry i hurt you're feelings. i'm sure papa linden and papa benning will buy you some candy and make you feel all good inside.
  4. I genuinely love having two teams that I've cheered for my whole life, Penguins and Canucks. I am so glad that at-least one of those teams has a chance of winning. I just don't think I can throw my support behind the Canucks this coming season when I legitimately feel smarter than those who are running the franchise. Too many BAD moves this off-season that show a COMPLETE lack of strategy and understanding of managing of assets.
  5. Give your heads a shake. This team is doing nothing to improve itself for next season and is relying on 32+ years old players and rookies (really just Horvat) to make a playoff push. Insanity. Look around the division/conference and simply compare the Canucks "top-6" with theirs and see why the Canucks are in for an accidental rebuild. And thank heck! We desperately NEED one. We have no rookie capable of replacing the Sedins or becoming elite, first-line talents. And no top-2 defensive rookie either. Hoping Markstrom can shed those horrific NHL stats, not only for his career's sake, but for the Canucks sake as well. Because after him it's waiting/wishing for Demko. It's not a panic, it's a concern for massive inept management. Looking forward to the trade deadline where hopefully the Canucks unload several of the aged players for picks.
  6. Edmonton will not be fighting with us, it'll just be Arizona. Edmonton will do VERY well next season. Canucks will likely be in the lottery race. Finally. Accidental rebuild begins.
  7. Wait, who are our first-line replacements? Please don't say Virtanen, Horvat, or Shinkaruk, because they're barely potential second-line players.
  8. Very doubtful. Putting faith into an old, injured goaltender and another who can't seem to not have a blowout every nhl chance he gets, spells doom. If the team tries to make the playoffs next year, I'm probably gonna hold back from watching and talking about hockey very much and focus on studying and work. I can't keep watching a team destroy itself on the hope that an impressive middle-six will somehow beat other teams with elite players.
  9. I love all the people in this thread avoiding the question and attacking a spelling error. It's not if, but more-so when we become a bottom-tier team next year, how do we keep seats in the arena? The answer is we don't. This is Vancouver. Home of the Fairweather Fan. If we're not contending, there's nobody in the arena. Especially with LA, SJ, CGY, and EDM improving far beyond us, it's likely we'll see us fighting ARZ for the last spot in the standings for a better lottery pick.
  10. Dear goodness, our division will kill us for the next couple seasons. Accidental rebuild!
  11. Please, go find yourself some scientific literacy and come back to the 21st Century.
  12. Pretty laughable to see the people say he'll make Ferland irrelevant. Let's remember, Ferland knows how to play hockey and get points before he made the NHL. And I don't think it was us being "bullied" over the last few playoff years, I think it's been our offence drying up.
  13. I prefer prospects who can score goals, make plays and make teams. But of course, size & grit & heart and all those other dumb meat and potatoes things that are more valuable.
  14. Ugh, so what happens in three years when our big, gritty, heart-filled team gets outscored and blown-out of the regular season and playoffs (if we're lucky)? Teams going to hell fast with this kind of perpetual thinking. "Sbisa is 5th in giveaways...." he says, like it's a stat to be proud of.
  15. To be honest, I think our problem is that we have no true projected first-line talent in the prospect pool at all. After the Sedins, it's all players pushing beyond their talent. Whereas EDM, CGY, BUF, WPG, and every other team that's trying to re-build has legit first-liners coming into their system. I do believe this can change with one GREAT draft, or one GREAT offseason, but the mentality to spend 6mil for 3 years on a 34 year old goaltender, and 6-7mil on "role players" shows a lack of willingness to suck bad enough to get one of those players the good ol fashioned way, drafting.