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  1. Horrifying, I hope he's able to have a swift recovery.
  2. Must have hit 'Show Results' by mistake.
  3. Voting Tanti, Nominating Tanev Tan²
  4. Voting Burrows Nominating Tanev
  5. So if I shove my fingers in your mouth while another man restrains you you're just going to suckle on them?
  6. Voting Burrows, nominating Ronning.
  7. I'd put Edler ahead of some of those names in the top 10
  8. Voting Ohlund Nominating Ronning
  9. Voting Ohlund Nominating Snepsts
  10. I never count stats "if the person played on the other team" because thats a hypothetical with too many different variables, the numbers would change completely because the situation would be different. That said, Hughes has better possession metrics with a marginal .6 advantage in DPS on a worse team, while passing the "eye test". Granted, I am admitting my bias as I've obviously watched more Canucks games than Avalanche games this year, but Hughes does look more defensively impressive from an outside observer. Again it goes back to him having to utilize his skating, leverage, angles, etc so well to make up for being as small as he is. Again, I don't think its some great travesty if Cale Makar wins the Calder. He's easily deserving, and I'm aware some degree of homerism is making me lean towards Hughes, however strictly from a defensive perspective, I think its fair to say Quinn has been the better player in that regard this season.
  11. Voting Edler Changing nomination to Brodeur, surprised he isn't on the ballot already.
  12. Voting McLean, if Luongo is in at 7, it's not fair to have McLean far behind him. Nominating Snepsts, again.