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  1. I don't think anybody is saying Baertschi is trash, just that he's a giant question mark due to all the time he's missed.
  2. This simply isn't true. The threat of the Canucks leaving was instigated by a terrible Canadian dollar, not a lack of support. Edmonton and Calgary faced the exact same problem, with an 11th hour move to Houston very narrowly avoided by the Oilers. Winnipeg and Quebec actually did move. Nobody's going to tell me those markets don't support hockey. Vancouver is no different. The "Vancouver fans are fairweather and don't support hockey" narrative is utter BS and only promulgated by the type of Canuck "fans" who scream and shout about how terrible the fanbase is while not including themselves and ignoring the horde of evidence to the contrary.
  3. These things are just hideous. They look wallpaper for a kindergarten class. All three primary colours should not be used in conjunction like that.
  4. They seemed to have dressing room issues going as far back as last season, or at least that’s what was reported. I don’t think its necessarily that players don’t want to play there (there is probably something to that though) but I doubt it’s the whole story.
  5. I would say he has even more mileage due to injuries.
  6. Yeah, but how about Campbell River? Port Hardy? Tofino? I agree that that’s a pain but there isn’t a literal sea to cross acting as a gatekeeper.
  7. As someone who lived on the Island for 22 years, I would argue that you're very wrong. You NEED to take the ferry, which is a several hour round trip if you're driving, more if you're walking on. On top of that, the ferry is ridiculously expensive, you're required to get a hotel because there are no sailings after the game has ended and you can't just drive home.
  8. And? If he wants a deal that walks him right to UFA, he’s not going to get that max dollar he’s looking for.
  9. Do you really need to post the exact same thing in multiple threads? Boeser isn’t reading the forums.
  10. Konecny signed for 6 years and is an RFA while Boeser is a 10.2c. Boesers cap hit is going to be determined by the term.