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  1. I gotta say the only positive to being constantly inundated with Leafs BS is that magical time of year where they're eliminated and I get to bathe in the sweet, sweet tears of their sycophantic media and insufferable fanbase.
  2. They were at the team store, maybe try getting in contact with Vanbase and seeing if they have one in stock somewhere
  3. Cool. He didn't pick Horvat though.
  4. My point is that Mike Gillis drafted Bo Horvat. I agree with the point that drafting under Gillis was terrible and significantly improved under Benning, but you can't make things up to fit the narrative.
  5. Not thrilled it's the Rangers, but it isn't Edmonton or Toronto so I cant really complain
  6. Ken Holland has the biggest crap eating smirk I've ever seen. Maybe he knows they've already won
  7. Why are you so upset at my insignificant little quibble?
  8. Cool. It still doesn't make Horvat a Benning pick because it fits the narrative you want.
  9. Maybe. You ever see a really pretty girl with those straight across bangs? This is the equivalent
  10. Doubtful. I think with Burkes Sonic the Hedgehog hair and Friedman's mountainman beard it indicates they've lost all control of their appearance standards