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  1. Probably because most of the time when Petey is on the ice, the other team is matching up their shutdown line to try to counter him. In turn we would save our better D for the opponents more imposing scoring lines.
  2. Makes very little difference in the long run. I will say that I'm not a fan but admit its probably because its what I grew up. The U-number classifications always feel so mechanical and bureaucratic whenever I hear them applied in another sport.
  3. The thing about this website is there is no middle ground on anything. You're either the second coming of Gretzky or a bum who couldn't crack the lineup of some South American team. There is no appreciation for anyone simply being a solid player. Thats what Edler is. Yes he makes mistakes but he also does a lot of things well. And thats par for the course for the majority of NHL players. As for Myers, we're a quarter of the way into his first season. I'm not making any judgments yet.
  4. Changing the uniforms wouldn't be a change? What? I don't know what "actual reality" is either, it sounds like meaningless gibberish. Throwing the 'VANCOUVER' script back on or going back to the gradient would also be the same thing.
  5. I don’t have an issue with Green as HC. It’s the special teams coaches that have issues
  6. Pass. If we really wanted him we could get him in FA without giving up assets. Plus his current play isn’t exactly enticing.
  7. I hate the Orca but don’t want to see the jerseys changed again. The skate should remain a throwback.
  8. Its easy to belittle someone making a lot of money and losing it through bad investments and deals like this by saying "a fool and his money are soon parted", but its really shortsighted. These guys have basically been focusing on a sport for their entire lives and obviously aren't going to be well educated on financial matters. They leave those kinds of things up to agents and advisors. Most people are no better off or wiser, they just don't have the capital to invest at all. You can't blame the guy for trying to secure long term financial stability. Honestly belittling him for this just sounds like jealousy people didn't have that money in the first place.
  9. No. Matthews is a better shooter. Petey is better everywhere else, even in defense and physicality, which is sad considering Matthews has 50 lbs on him.
  10. Red Wings are kind of the least 6 evils, I suppose. They are in a way the former Victoria Cougars, so I'll go with them. As for the original 67 expansion teams, I've always had a soft spot for Philly.
  11. Why? Because an injured team took a shellacking? I still like Colorado’s chances over Edmonton’s.
  12. Weird how he's younger than Dubas but looks like he could be his dad.
  13. It’s not really surprise. These people are champing at the bit for comments like this, it’s their lifeblood. Any time anyone says anything that can be remotely construed as offensive gives them an opportunity to jump on their soapbox, show off how virtuous they are and destroy the wrong-thinker. I don’t agree with Cherry’s comments and I’m pretty indifferent to him on hockey night in Canada, I don’t care much for him or McLean, but something like this was inevitable. Any old man with outdated views is basically Hitler these days.