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  1. Lucic had a fine first season in Edmonton. He just fell off a cliff afterwards. He can’t keep up with the modern game, it’s passed him by. On top of that he’s a piece of $&!#. There is absolutely no reason for us to take him over Eriksson unless they add disproportionately.
  2. Did this really need a new thread? We have a bunch of draft threads already. Byram is a great talent but I don’t think the price to move up to get him is affordable.
  3. Thats nothing to do with him as a player, its just horrible asset management. If a player is projected as a 2nd rounder you don't use a top 10 pick on him. By doing that you're also missing out on some even higher potential players. You wait until the second to take him and if you're that high on him package your 2nd with something and move up a bit to ensure you get him.
  4. Haha yeah and maybe the Laffs will do Tanev for Reilly, send them back to their hometowns. Also it’s funny hearing Edmonton talk about how we’re in dire need of ‘toughness’. This management group has gone out of its way multiple times to get ‘tougher’ and look how that’s turned out. Plus having the mighty truculent beast of Lucic somehow hasn’t helped Edmonton. Basically this writer is a joke. Eriksson for Lucic 1 for 1 is a nonstarter, us adding to acquire him is lunacy
  5. Ah yes, and no riggers constructed the buildings in Edmonton, so Oilers is a stupid name. No pieces of cloth are propping up the landscape of Columbus either so Blue Jackets makes no sense. The Senators and government who work in Ottawa aren't the ones who laid out the sewer system so obviously Senators doesn't mean anything. Since apparently we have to be as obtuse as possible.
  6. The arena, merch, promotional material, etc. It’s not as common as the orca with script, but it’s certainly out there. Saying they’re dropping the script because the tacked on orca in the 50th anniversary logo doesn’t have it is about as likely as saying they’re switching back to the stick in rink full time because it’s the focal point of the ‘50’.
  7. It looks like a toilet seat, or they’re wearing a shirt beneath the jersey and the collar is popping out. It looks terrible how it suddenly stops midway through. ADIDAS screwed the pooch on most team’s collars when they took over.
  8. It is, and they wouldn’t for something like this
  9. Yes. It’s a standardized design, they just change out the name logo and colours to fit the corresponding team. When the merch is a league wide design like that you’ll always get some weird ones.
  10. No look at the actual logo on the picture, the exact same orca with script included is there. The comment about having 4 different jerseys is essentially meaningless and could be construed a number of different ways when you factor in a “new” home and road have been ordered and the third and throwback have been known for awhile. Besides, we were scheduled a new third last season too and that never materialized. Until the jerseys are revealed its all hearsay at this point.