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  1. IMO Montreal has the best home jerseys, Boston the best road jerseys
  2. Damage control
  3. Seems completely counter-intuitive to the NHL's attempts to increase goal scoring as well.
  4. It actually sounds to me like you're the one who needs to go out and experience life rather than concerning yourself with the dreams of posters on a hockey discussion forum.
  5. I'm not "counting on him to flop". I'm simply saying that at pick 5 he wasn't super high up on my list. I'm sure he'll be an NHLer, but under what capacity is my question. I'm extremely happy Benning took Olli.
  6. A lot more goes into BPA than a simple ranking. Personally I'd like to see what Tkachuk can bring when he's not being carried by Marner and Dvorak. We already have a superior power forward prospect, and Olli was considered by pretty much everyone to be the overall best Dman in the draft. Tkachuk was the one player in that range I didn't want Benning to pick at 5.
  7. It's simply bad asset management. You don't take a player you can get at pick 50 with pick 5. It's not a knock on Frederic, but the term here is "reaching". They likely could have gotten him later and in addition to an arguably better prospect with 29. They did this last year with Senyshyn and Debrusk as well.
  8. Say what you want about Higgins' play as of late, but day in and day out he brought it. There were nights where he looked like he was the only one trying out there, the only one who gave a ____. Higgins never took a night off, he was the consummate professional here since day one. Its really sad to see a warrior like that end up at this point, but it was inevitable. Bye Higgy, I wish you nothing but the absolute best in your future.
  9. I'm very very happy. Juolevi is exactly the kind of prospect we're missing, he projects well, and we didn't take Tkachuk, I don't know how some of you can be so mad.
  10. .
  11. Kesler was never driven out of town.
  12. You need to stop thinking of trades in terms of winning and losing.
  13. I demand pictures of sad Joe Thornton
  14. Don't worry, the league will find some way to absolve the Kings of their cap hit. Maybe some coke will be found in Dustin Brown's hockey bag. Who knows.