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  1. No way that happens. The confetti clean up would be ridiculous to deal with in the middle of the game.
  2. I'd love this. It would be cool if it became a Canucks specific thing, like Chicago has the chelsea dagger and Columbus has the cannon. You can't really force traditions though.
  3. Again, no. That's not my argument at all. Stop strawmanning what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that what Scheifele did was a cheapshot. You're the one who turned it into an argument of what is and isn't part of "the code", which I never called into question. Are you new to the internet? What exactly do you think forums are for? I'm not saying my opinion carries any weight, I'm simply voicing it. You're the one who has the issue with it. Mate, you're the one who responded to me. You're the one who called me a "bafoon" (irony). You don't then get to turn around and say "lol lets just agree to disagree" and play the victim. Once again, you're the one who brought this up. I have no idea where you get off saying "You probably never played", then when I tell you I did you say "So? That doesn't mean anything." Your cognitive dissonance is unreal man.
  4. No it was when I wrote off entire genres of music because of narrow minded assumptions based off being an edgy pseudo intellectual teenager who thought his opinion was the final word. That was when I said "hurr all [insert any genre you want] is bad."
  5. I remember when I was 14
  6. Those seem like very conservative estimates. I would be surprised if McDavid gets less than 11mil, and I'd put Draisaitl closer to 7
  7. Well I played for 8 years. I had to answer the bell a few times. But yeah, feel free to throw out my arguments if its easier to just chalk me up as an "anti-fighting hockey fan." I'll take your 'agreeing to disagree' and final potshot at me at the end there as you conceding, because thats what it is.
  8. Right. And I'm saying its unfair to compare the Leafs and Canucks from those spans considering even though the Laffs weren't officially rebuilding, they were getting consistently high draft picks compared to the Canucks who had been drafting in the mid 20s. Simply put, its not like the Canucks and Leafs are analogous. Hell, 2 years ago the Canucks had the second seed in the division, while the Leafs were drafting top 5.
  9. Ah, so you're saying the clock resets every time there is a management change?
  10. No. If the Laffs and Oilers finally make the playoffs thats great. Considering they had essentially ten year absences, I don't know how you can call that a success. I don't think that was their goal, I think they were just inept. Planning to be out of contention for a decade is simply poor planning.
  11. Going to rebut that or just shake your head? How about my other example of Keith on Daniel? Well, it was a clean hit. He didn't NEED to do anything. It would be foolish of him to not expect some sort of retaliation but whether its valid or not is very much up for debate. This is all aside from the fact that getting jumped is not "answering the bell". Yes. By being a suckerpunching dirtbag. Neither was McCabe's intent to scramble Laine's brains, so its all good, right? No it doesn't. You are clearly not watching the same video. Here's a link so you can review what actually happened, maybe thats why we're having this disagreement. As you can see, "Shefs" didn't lay off him when he "saw he was injured" he suckerpunched him like a coward, then wailed on him like a deranged chimp until TWO refs intervened. Because thats the litmus test right? Whether or not a player complained.
  12. I'm sorry, but no. Cheap shots and sucker punches are not part of the code. The code establishes that you stick up for your team and answer the bell when required. There was no bell. Do you think Keith was right to elbow Daniel in the face in retaliation for a questionable hit because it's part of the code? How about Bertuzzi on Moore? You don't get to act like a dirty thug and do whatever you want because "Hurr durr mah code guyz!!1!"
  13. The problem is that McCabe didn't get the opportunity to "defend himself". Scheifele essentially suckerpunched him.
  14. Clean hit. Pretty disgusted in Scheifele after the play. Its one thing to stick up for your teammates, another thing to mug a guy who isn't ready for it. Maybe he was just frustrated he was the one who gave him the suicide pass.