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  1. Considering how well they've done with having two Sedins to deal with I think they'll be fine.
  2. Well I'm poor, so I don't go very often. I've been to two games this year, and thats because I got terrible seats for 40 bucks, which is pretty good for this market. I gotta say though the only thing I notice about the Canucks fanbase that's different from any other in the league is that Canucks fans love to crap on each other and talk about how we have the worst fans. Usually that's reserved for other teams fanbases but who knows what years of scorn and failure can do to a collective psyche.
  3. Hmm yes a private corporation trying to capitalize on hype is definitely more indicative of the feeling of the majority of Canadians than what they're actually saying. They renamed themselves Montreal Pizza when the Habs faced them in the first round. I guess that means all those Torontonians whose team missed the playoffs and went there to console themselves with subpar food were rallying behind their most hated rivals. I honestly can't tell if you're deliberately being silly or not.
  4. Makes sense for Defensemen to have longer sticks as it gives them a longer reach, but stickhandling, shooting and passing accurately are all much easier with a shorter stick.
  5. It had to happen eventually. You can only be rewarded for ineptitude for so long until it eventually pays off. I'm not going to say I'm happy for Oilers fans. I can't stand them. Its very hard to be excited for another Canadian team winning when the entire country was so vehemently against our cup runs. The only exception I have is Ottawa, and thats just because they have Burr.
  6. Don't call it that.
  7. Don't cut off Willie's stache, thats where his power resides.
  8. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust Detroit has some good young guns but they're going to be hurting for a while. 25 years of drafting low will do that.
  9. I like Willie. Do I see him as the ideal long term coach for this franchise going forward? Not necessarily, but I also don't think he deserves to be sacked immediately either. Look at the team he's been given to work with. He does make some questionable deployment decisions but no coach is perfect.
  10. That's real good.
  11. I don't want to follow the leads of teams that are only really contending for the first time this year.
  12. Tkachuk, Ferklund, Wideman, the Flames are building their team to be as dirty as possible. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  13. As a current SFU student, I would tell you to critically examine what you want out of your university experience. It sounds like you're set on the business degree. So I would ask ask whether you're more interested in getting your degree in the most efficient way, or the university experience. Personally, I'm 22, and I took a year and a half between high school and post-secondary. I'm more concerned with just getting my degree, and while I like having stuff to do at school, it's not a big concern of mine. SFU had the program I wanted. So SFU is fine for me. Plus they gave me a scholarship which was further incentive. If you have any academic awards or scholarships, I'd take that into account as well, because university gets expensive. If you really want the university experience, and are willing to go through the extra steps to get the degree you want, I'd recommend UBC, since that's the one that sounds like you really want. Also, here's some advice I wish someone gave me when I was looking at going to school: There is no schedule, or deadline, or specific pathway you need to take. You have no idea how your life is going to take shape. Things change, things don't turn out like you expect. While it's a good thing to have goals and plans, don't treat it like a strict step-by-step you need to follow perfectly.
  14. Please explain to me how I'm the one being salty. It sounds like you're projecting.
  15. He's on the right track but every GM has the "potential". Pat Quinn was our best GM ever so thats the bar Benning has to pass.