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  1. The Leafs also had a hand in Vancouver not being granted a team in the original 1967 expansion because apparently all of English Canada is the Leafs market. Its what the Leafs do. Entitlement and insufferability. And yet they think the disdain people have for them is because of how big they are. The Habs and Wings are right up there with them, and yet somehow don't receive hatred on the same level as the Leafs, despite the Leafs being terrible forever. I wonder why that is.
  2. 102 pts in 72 games before his draft year is pretty damn impressive. So is 56 pts in 55 games 2 years before his draft. I think part of the reason Patrick is getting written off is because he's injured and isn't able to play.
  3. Everyone has baggage. Everyone has issues and has had terrible things happen to them in their lives. What happened with Patrick and his father is really unfortunate. But it just goes to show what a mewling idiot he is that he has to use it like a shield so nobody can say anything negative about him or he loses his mind. Its classic victim culture, and the fact that he still has such a mind boggling hatred for Vancouver over some admittedly callous remarks really tells more about him than anything else. He's a wuss. He can't even stand up for himself on twitter, just resorts to instant blocking. He'll push and prod but can't handle it when anyone pushes back.
  4. Right. We should fight hate with love. Turn the other cheek and all that jazz. Wouldn't want anyone's feeling to get hurt. We should continue to be the whipping boy for the league.
  5. Well he wasn't hurt. So that's a pretty big one. Do you honestly think he was going at Rielly with murder in his eyes? You're right I can't tell what he was thinking. Neither can you. I'm just saying that watching Burrows play for 12 years, I don't see him going out there trying to injure people. I see him trying to piss them off, which is what he did.
  6. Yes, and? I'm aware Burrows has made dirty plays. Every player has. Even guys like Danny and Hank. I played hockey for years. Nobody is a saint. This is especially noticeable watching games live, you see things the camera doesn't. But As someone whose watched Burrows since he got here, I can say he makes a living pestering people with his mouth. I don't see him going onto the ice deliberately attempting to hurt people.
  7. And that just tells me he's a better agitator than most. Words are words at the end of the day. I completely understand why people would hate a guy like Burrows. But sticks and stones. I have a hell of a lot more respect for Burrows who says mean things than other players who make cheapshots and dirty hits to be a pest. Burrows is good at finding the sore spots in people. I'm not saying its right or wrong, but I am saying its better than going out of your way to physically harm people, like many of the better known pests do. Also, the fact that he goes out of his way to insult Vancouver's fans shows its not about Burrows. He has a grudge against the city in general. I hate the Bruins, the Blackhawks, the Leafs, Flames, Oilers etc. But at the end of the day I recognize a fan is a fan, and despite the general sentiment there are no differences in different fanbases. Just fanbase sizes. A die hard Coyotes fan is no different than a die hard Leafs fan. there are just less of them.
  8. But its people acting like Vancouver is somehow the only team that does this. Every team has agitators. Some are just better than others, and those are the ones who get the hatred. Why do you think Marchand is so hated? Because he's really good at being a prick. Same with Burrows.
  9. And Coyotes fans, all 3 of them, don't hate us. The one constant of Canadian hockey is that every city and team seems to hate each other. Its like a country wide sibling rivalry. It seems to extend beyond just hockey too, and the closer in proximity you are, the more acrimonious the relationship.
  10. Every fanbase hates every other fanbase. Its not exclusive to the Canucks. I guarantee you Bruins and Habs fans aren't holding hands and singing kumbaya. I guarantee you Oilers and Flames fans don't shovel each others driveways because they love each other so much.
  11. Still a bad pick. He could turn out to be a great player, but picking him where he was picked is simply poor asset management. He could have been grabbed in the second round, and they could have gotten another very good player with the first they used on him. If you knew the next Wayne Gretzky would be in the 7th round, would you use your other early picks to stock up on more young talent, and then take the player you were eyeing, or just take him anyway and miss out on more potential talent. Also they still deserve ridicule for the "best player in the draft" nonsense. And for being the Shames.
  12. I'd have paid 20 bucks. It would still be cheaper than an upper bowl ticket and I'd have a much better seat.
  13. No. Not at all.
  14. At the very least they're not letting themselves get pushed around like they used to. As painful as this game was it was nice to see some pushback.
  15. Dr Strange-5/10 It was really pretty forgettable. The entire movie felt like the first act until suddenly the credits were playing. The visuals were pretty impressive, and I enjoyed watching it, but aside from that it was a very average movie going experience. It really felt like a watered down version of the first Iron Man.