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  1. I don't see it at all.
  2. For the record, I'd like to point out that the old Winnipeg Jets had abysmal attendance numbers, and the team actually moved. Yes the Canadian dollar didn't help, but neither did the fans. Yet now that the Jets have come back, everybody talks about how amazing Jets fans are. They're the best in the league. While conveniently forgetting that they lost their team to the freaking desert. The exact same thing happened in Minnesota. They don't even have a weak Canadian dollar to blame. Yet now Minnesota is called the "State of Hockey" and hockey is probably the most popular sport in the region. I really don't want to come across as hating on Winnipeg or Minnesota, because I do think they have great fanbases. The point I'm trying to get at is that every fanbase, whether you like it or not, has rough patches. No fanbase is perfect and there are a million other things that factor into something like attendance. You can point out that during our sellout streak there were some lean years in there too, but people don't want to consider that. You can point out that the Canucks are the 6th most valuable NHL team, despite never winning a cup. You can point out that hockey is thriving in BC, with a really high amount of professional players coming from the city and province, but that is of course completely unrelated whatsoever to the prominence of an NHL team. But you can point to a city like Toronto with twice the population of Vancouver and an arena with lower capacity consistently selling out, and of course that proves that Leafs fans are superior to Canucks fans. The only thing I think that separates Vancouver from any other fanbase, is how self-hating it is. You have an endless slew of people on here complaining about how Canucks fans are the worst fans in the league, yet that description doesn't apply to them for some reason, they're somehow fans of the team yet not a terrible fan. And they never offer an explanation as to why Canucks fans are so bad. It just boils down to them being bad people. Deep down at their core, they're rotten and evil. The day you start following the team is the day your descent starts. Or maybe they do include themselves and have really poor self-esteem. I think these people really need to find another team to cheer for though, its endlessly annoying to hear, and it can't be good for their mental health to be lumped in with such wretched human beings.
  3. I'm excited. He's quickly becoming my favourite prospect.
  4. He was one of the best players on the ice against Edmonton. He consistently hustled, showed strong defensive awareness, backchecked hard, forechecked hard, was overall a noticeable player on the ice. He hasn't been as noticeable these past couple games but neither has the rest of the team.
  5. Pouliot had a lot of jump to his game and was showing flashes of why he was pegged as a potential star offensive defenseman. I know its one game but it shows there's still some hope left for the kid.
  6. Matthews is definitely better in some aspects of his game than McDavid. He plays a much heavier game. But there also lots of things McDavid does better. I think its also important to note that teams have two seasons of film and info on McDavid vs one for Matthews. And its still very early in their careers, we don't know what the table will be like 5 years from now in their primes.
  7. Hutton played pretty badly last night.
  8. Of course the Canucks wouldn't, they had the longest sellout streak in the league for quite some time despite a number of lean years within that span, but who counts that right, it was probably owners buying up the tickets because its a conspiracy. And never mind that the Canucks are charging comparable prices for the same seats to the same teams as Edmonton and Toronto despite icing a much worse product. Edmonton still isn't selling out this year, and they have 2 bonafide superstars playing for them and are icing a very competitive. Toronto is twice the size of Vancouver and when you factor in the rest of Southern Ontario has a significantly larger draw area than the Canucks. Hell, Winnipeg, who everyone lauds as a market with incredible fans, and don't get me wrong Winnipeg has great hockey fans, but they lost their team originally. Yes the low Canadian dollar had a significant part in that but they weren't selling out the Winnipeg Arena. It averaged 3/4 attendance most seasons. But nevermind all that. Now we've got another reason for this self foathing fanbase to hate itself even more, just more proof we're awful fans.
  9. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but you CAN'T charge 60 bucks for nosebleed seats to watch a bad team play. I'm sorry. It doesn't make the fans bad for not showing up either. You can buy a six pack, order a pizza and enjoy the game on tv for a fraction of what it costs to just get in the door. The empty seats tonight were ridiculous. I paid 70 bucks to go with a buddy and we had a good time, but those were still upper bowl seats to watch a team that looked like it couldn't score if it's life depended on it. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you pay half a days wage just to see a ton of empty seats they couldn't fill. Supply and demand. If you're charging so much you can't fill your barn, it's simple logic you should lower the prices so you can.
  10. And of course the blame belongs to us, worst fans in the league. Never mind the giant sellout streak that included a number of dry years. Nevermind the Canucks are one of the most valuable franchises in the NHL. Not every seat got filled because Canucks fans are just bad people. Why are they bad? Uhh, reasons I guess.
  11. Houston seems just as viable as Seattle, and certainly more so than Vegas. Not to mention it's a much larger market.
  12. I was being hyperbolic but its interesting that the arena looks so empty when its over 3 quarters full
  13. Sounds like our attendance tonight.
  14. Isn't that every thread?
  15. Because I'm a loser with nothing else to do.