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  1. A big part of me actually hopes the Canucks pick 2nd over 1st. If the Canucks got first no matter who they pick between Nico and Nolan we'd never hear the end of comparisons and complaints when the other guy so much as sneezed. It would still be there at second but if we're just picking whichever one is left I'd imagine it there would be significantly less crying. Imagine the Nichushkin vs Horvat people or the Virtanen whiners only hundred times worse.
  2. The Leafs made the playoffs for the first time in a non-shortened season in over a decade before being bounced in the first round. The Leafs are not the team I want to be compared to/built like.
  3. Coloured jerseys at home. You're in your building, at your home, you should be wearing your colours.
  4. The current rumour is that all the Adidas jerseys will be unveiled at the draft.
  5. Look at Larry King, Hugh Hefner, J. Howard Marshall and even the man himself, Donny T. If you've got money, it doesn't matter what you look like. There's a special type of woman out there who can look past those physical/personality defects.
  6. I couldn't imagine any woman being worth $20,000 for sex. A bottle of Jergens is like what, 15 bucks? Come on Katz, you're supposed to be a businessman.
  7. Bure was more skilled. Linden was a better leader, that's great. And Odjick was a better fighter, Luongo a better goalie, Kesler better at defense, Tryamkin better at being big, Wellwood at eating cheeseburgers. That doesn't mean anything. The Sedins have demonstrated so much skill, class, commitment, and drive that overall, they're the greatest Canucks of all time.
  8. They can both rot. The only pleasure I'll get out of a playoff series between these two is knowing one of them will be eliminated by the end.
  9. I stopped reading when they used the term 'Toxic Masculinity'.
  10. Greatest Canucks of all time. 1A and 1B. I hope they stick around a couple more years at a low cap hit. There's nobody in the league I'd rather have mentoring our rookies
  11. I agree with the sentiment but I want to point out that people are just as likely to get flamed here for being an overt homer as they are for being overly critical, especially on this website where the fanbase is self-loathing. It's also important to make the distinction between optimism and homerism, and between less rosey outlooks and Canuck bashing.
  12. Edler has made it pretty clear he doesn't want to waive. It's not impossible but you'd be hard pressed to find a suitor that both wants him and he is willing to move on for.
  13. The thing that makes Juolevi's game great is precisely that it isn't flashy. There a lot of great defenseman you'd never notice because they're quietly doing the right thing. They're in the right position, they make solid passes, they're smart, calm and composed, and they make the right decision. Defense is a lot more of a cerebral game than forward. Look at a player like Lidstrom. There were very few occasions where Lidstrom made a play that made you stand up and go 'WOW THAT WAS AMAZING'. But he's regarded as one of the best defensemen of all time for being quietly effective at doing his job. Am I saying Juolevi is comparable to Lidstrom? Absolutely not. I'm saying its poor judgement to base a defenseman's value purely on his ability to go end-to-end or have a heavy shot from the blue line.
  14. For those who haven't seen it I find it hilarious how the NESN homers lost their minds when Prust speared Marchand, yet now when the shoe is on the other foot they're basically saying he needs to be more subtle when he spears people in the balls.