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  1. Honestly, not including the fact that Kesler was well known to be grumpy, I think thats more the difference between a player whose still relatively new to the league where everything is fresh and exciting vs a guy whose been there for a decade and having a bunch of fans bother you every time you go out to walk your dog or go to a restaurant is no longer a novel experience and just gets annoying. Some players obviously just handle it much better than others.
  2. The hate on Loui is a bit thick. Yes he had a bad year, but so did pretty much everyone not named Horvat, Granlund, Baertschi or Stecher. He's well known for being slow to acclimate to new teammates. I'm not saying he's lived up to his contract so far, but I'd like to give him a season or two before we grab the pitchforks.
  3. I really don't understand the rationale behind saying the Canucks don't have Star Power. If you're defining 'star' as the Crosbys, McDavids, Ovechkins of the world, then the Canucks don't have any star power, but neither do a lot of other teams. If you're defining it as 'good players' then the Canucks are no worse off than a lot of other teams. So I don't see why we're getting singled out.
  4. No, I don't think I could ever like the Flames
  5. Shows the benefit of having your team located in a state like Florida with no income tax. Players will be more likely to take a discount because they're still making more than players with bigger contracts playing elsewhere.
  6. 12.5m is actually pretty fair. Especially considering he has to spend the next 8 years in Edmonton. Gotta like that tax rate I guess.
  7. Incoming fast puns.
  8. You're only making yourself look worse
  9. If the supposition and passive-aggressiveness of this post is any indication, you're the last person that should be calling anyone bitter or a crybaby.
  10. I hope for nothing but the best for Miller. He was a true warrior for us and I'm glad he's going to a contender and to be closer to his family. Now that they have Juice and Miller I wouldn't be too sad to see the Ducks win a cup.
  11. Looks a lot like Barzal.
  12. He's a very high risk, high reward prospect. I'm more concerned with the fact that he's nearly 20, in addition to his size. Still, boom or bust prospects are what the later rounds are for. I'm excited to see what he can do.
  13. Physical specimen and he's obviously an intelligent, well spoken kid. He sounds incredibly mature and humble for an 18 year old. I like this pick.
  14. People here are very aware of the statistics regarding making the NHL. We're talking about the players we drafted and their upside, not what round they were picked in.
  15. I'll admit I wasnt super keen on Petterson, but he's a Canuck now and deserves our full support. I'll trust Bennings judgment over my own.