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  1. I don't want to follow the leads of teams that are only really contending for the first time this year.
  2. Tkachuk, Ferklund, Wideman, the Flames are building their team to be as dirty as possible. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  3. As a current SFU student, I would tell you to critically examine what you want out of your university experience. It sounds like you're set on the business degree. So I would ask ask whether you're more interested in getting your degree in the most efficient way, or the university experience. Personally, I'm 22, and I took a year and a half between high school and post-secondary. I'm more concerned with just getting my degree, and while I like having stuff to do at school, it's not a big concern of mine. SFU had the program I wanted. So SFU is fine for me. Plus they gave me a scholarship which was further incentive. If you have any academic awards or scholarships, I'd take that into account as well, because university gets expensive. If you really want the university experience, and are willing to go through the extra steps to get the degree you want, I'd recommend UBC, since that's the one that sounds like you really want. Also, here's some advice I wish someone gave me when I was looking at going to school: There is no schedule, or deadline, or specific pathway you need to take. You have no idea how your life is going to take shape. Things change, things don't turn out like you expect. While it's a good thing to have goals and plans, don't treat it like a strict step-by-step you need to follow perfectly.
  4. Please explain to me how I'm the one being salty. It sounds like you're projecting.
  5. He's on the right track but every GM has the "potential". Pat Quinn was our best GM ever so thats the bar Benning has to pass.
  6. Incoherent rambling. Yup. Definitely sounds like a Flames fan.
  7. Let's see -One Post. -Named after an MMA apparel company with a random number attached. -Types in all caps Sounds like a Flames fan to me.
  8. I'm not sure where the "Olli has stagnated" talk is coming from considering he's performing at a better pace than last year on a worse team.
  9. Logan-7/10 Easily the best Xmen movie.
  10. I don't think its fair to compare Bo to Monahan offensively when Bo is essentially still our third line centre and expected to take a brunt of the defensive load. Put him on the first line with more offensive wingers and see how he compares to Monahan.
  11. I'd love a Battle of Alberta playoff series if for no other reason than at least one is guaranteed to be knocked out.
  12. Okay great. It was a stupid play. You say I think every play that doesn't work is a stupid play but based on everything you've said you clearly don't think there is such a thing.
  13. I'm not saying every play that doesn't go through is a stupid play. I'm saying when you have a chance at a goal and you throw it away because you've overthought what should be a super obvious and easy decision, thats a stupid play.
  14. About as stupid as you saying its a good play because "chemistry". You realize I could make that argument about any play right? "It didn't work but it was a good play because 'chemistry'." You might as well say Comeau made a good play because "meat and potatoes".