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  1. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (19-25) 2017

    Love watching the Oilers fail. The best part is once McDavid and Draisaitl's albatross contracts kick in they're going to be even more screwed.
  2. (Proposal) Canucks-Islanders

    So basically 3 giant question marks for one of the top defensive defensemen in the league whose signed to a reasonable cap hit for 2 more seasons? Big no from me. It would start at minimum Ryan Pulock and a first, and NYI would probably have to add. Dal Colle might not be a complete bust but its very doubtful he lives up to his pre-draft potential. Vande Sompel is playing well in the AHL atm but he's still undersized for a defenseman and its totally unclear whether or not he'll be an NHL player, let alone an impact one. The draft pick is exactly that, a pick. Its an even bigger gamble than a known entity like a prospect. Its important to keep in mind we still have Tanev on a good contract for 2 more seasons. Its not like his deal is about to expire, and we still need to get what we can for him. He didn't request a trade. His value's at an all time high, if we wanted to move him teams would be knocking down the door to get him.
  3. All star game candidate

  4. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    Maybe I'm in the twilight zone or have deja vu, but that almost sounds like something the Oilers have tried before and didn't work for some inexplicable reason.
  5. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    Man I'm sure betting Edmonton is glad they gave up that pick and 33rd overall for Griffin Reinhart.
  6. Low daft picks ending up with big numbers

    Scouting is also not an exact science. Scouts don't have crystal balls. The team is essentially betting which players are going to turn out better.
  7. And people say Gillis couldn't make a trade.
  8. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

  9. Edmonton, with their amazing arena and burgeoning young superstars has not been able to sellout since they opened their new arena and stopped playing in one that seats 3/4 the capacity of the rest of the league. Calgary, despite having a playoff calibre team was not able to sell out this year or last, or the year before, or the year before. Yet again, these are amazing hockey markets full of passionate, great fans. Vancouver ends a league leading sellout streak and the fans are awful subhuman garbage. Stop with this narrative. I'm so sick of hearing members of this fanbase crap on how bad the fanbase is. Go cheer for someone else.
  10. I don't disagree with the fundamental point of this post but I just gotta disagree with the idea that Edmonton was a starting goaltender away from the playoffs. That team was defensively horrific from top to bottom and would have left any goalie out to dry. Just look at Dubnyk. A better goalie would have certainly kept them in more games but it was not their biggest issue.
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Must suck being so oversensitive an opinion about a hockey player you don't share makes you physically ill.
  12. Can't believe I have to explain this again, but here goes. Yes, you can't 'win' trades. The only reason I brought up the position and age thing is essentially you're betting on one player over another to fulfill the same need for your team. Even then I don't regard that so much as a victory but making a smarter bet. There are good trades and bad trades.Not winners and losers. Trades are not competitions. You do not try to "beat" another team by trading with them. You attempt to improve. You're trying to address a need your team has. There is no victory or defeat from a trade. All a trade is is an attempt to make your team better. If there are trades where both sides get a stud player who compliments their lineup, do they both win? Is it a tie? What if you trade a fourth line grinder for a stud 1st line centre and that star player receives a career ending injury their first game with you. Do you still win? Do you lose? What about cap management.The idea is silly. No Vancouver didn't 'win' the Naslund trade. Not to mention that teams are playing with entirely different rosters and systems than each other. There was no award given to Vancouver for making that trade and 'defeating' the penguins. Yes Naslund turned into a prolific scorer for the Canucks, and Stojanov was out of the league, but the Penguins also won 3 cups since that trade. You might say that the Naslund trade had zero bearing on the Penguins cups, and I would agree, but where do you draw the line? For all you know if Vancouver hadn't made the trade the butterfly effect would have taken hold and we'd be sitting on 15 cups.
  13. Neither. You don't make trades to 'win' them, you make them to improve your team. New Jersey got their franchise goalie and the Canucks got a player who will at the very least bottom out as a strong second-line centre. The only time you 'win' a trade is when you swap players of the same position and age and one turns out vastly superior to another. This was just a hockey trade to meet both teams needs.
  14. [Rumour] Oilers looking for scoring on the wing

    I don't want Pulj. At least, I don't want to pay Hutton + Goldobin for Pulj. He has done absolutely nothing to impress me aside from be a living meme since he was drafted. We've got plenty of winger prospects that quite frankly look more promising than Puljujarvi at this point. I really don't see a need to trade for him nor to give up anything substantial like an NHL defenseman and a winger with over 3 times as many points in the same amount of games. I'm not writing Pulj off, he could still become an NHL player, but some of these proposals based purely on unproven potential are not good deals for us.