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  1. Recommend a TV Show

    Rookie Blue, good Canadian show.
  2. Las Vegas team name ideas (for fun)

    Saw this one somewhere and had a good laugh. Las Vegas Sin Bins
  3. NBA Discussion

    Take this for what its worth, but Stephen A. Smith (whatever your opinion may be of him) has said that last few months repeatedly on First Take saying that if CLE wins the final then LeBron will have completed his promise to CLE to bring them a title then he would be free to go where he wants. The only 2 teams Smith has mentioned are Miami obvs and then the Lakers since LeBron bought a house in LA recently. I am not a huge fan of Stephen A anyways but he is pretty well connected with LeBron's camp since he broke the original decision in 2010, then knew about him going back to CLE in 2014.
  4. NBA Discussion

    In the East he would have to go through LeBron, KD has always struggled against LeBron.
  5. NBA Discussion

    Firstly, its Durant*. What rumours are you even talking about? The fact that Toronto is "interested" in KD? 29 teams that aren't OKC are interested in KD lol... Makes no sense for Durant to leave OKC (financially and competitively) for Toronto. If Durant were to leave OKC, it would be for a bigger "NBA" market, Bos, LA, NY, GS etc OKC is in a better situation than the Raps, far more talent on that team, as great as a season the Raps had, the East was pretty weak compared to what OKC went through in the West. Durant also let Raps officials know in 2014 that he wasn't coming, this is just an unrealistic hope that some Raps fans have.
  6. NBA Discussion

    double post
  7. Just to clarify, Canucks don't get compensation for either of these two do they? Wouldn't think so
  8. Article regarding Ohlund as a potential Ring of Honor inductee.

    Naslund and Bure already got jerseys hanging in the rafters...
  9. Name That Canuck!

    Andrew Alberts?
  10. PlayStation 4 Thread

    The system isn't reading the controller, so i'll reformat it to see if it works, if not the bluetooth sensor is probably shot
  11. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Should I deactivate my ps4 as my primary, before reformatting it / sending it to sony
  12. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Hey, wondering if anyone can help me. So 2 nights ago my PS4 when I turned it on said it wasn't turned off properly for some reason, and I just clicked OK. So when I start my game, it loads but then it automatically turns off, then turns on again and goes into the safe mode loop, so when this happens I usually update, rebuild database and this time it wasn't doing anything it wasn't getting out of rest mode, then I chose the option which says "reset to default settings" so it just changes the basic info about the ps4 doesn't delete anything and then it finally properly turned on, it comes on the screen when you first get it, it says "Sony" , "Sony computer entertainment" and then it says connect your controller with your USB, when I do that the controller flashes white for a bit, then goes orange then dies, Ive tried everything, Ive reset the controller etc etc, i used my friends controller and it was charging fine on my console, but it still didn't turn on so i could use it. Then I plugged my phone into the USB and it charged fine, so I think it isn't my USB ports that are the issue, i also tried to charge my controller with my laptop, but it dies after flashing orange. Appreciate any help!
  13. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Bure played a season less than Luongo in Vancouver and has his jersey up there, albeit that Bure is HOF.
  14. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    Need some advice, I'm in a 0.5 PPR league and I need to select one keeper, also a 2 QB league RB's - Forte, David Johnson, Lynch, Rawls WR's - AJ Green, Edelman QB's - Mariota, Stafford, Osweiler
  15. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread Here are Cubs rumors I just talked about on @espn1000. Price might be heading back to Tor. $ might be too rich. Plus Tor might be his fav.