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  1. This is Cassels' overage year, correct?
  2. You clear a spot for a rookie with a draft pick trade
  3. I wanna try
  4. 1 bad half-season isn't enough for you to shred a prospect either. Rip jensen all you want if he consistently underproduces for 2 seasons +, not now.
  5. I know how to run a team. Basically don't gut any part of your team, be it starting roster or future and don't go balls out for what you want. Hope for a dab of luck. It's simple. It's just no goddamn fun and you don't grow any attachment to your team this way
  6. <3 but stop. My best move was JC Lipon for a second round pick.
  7. Barbashev - Grabovski - Eriksson Shevyrin - Zajac - Nichushkin Faksa - Eakin - Bourque Gaustad - Horcoff - Gordon Out the window. Oh well. Wasn't much anyways.
  8. Would you rather I try a combo that doesn't work on paper?
  9. If Zajac never gets above 50, I'd still be happy. He was traded for his 87 D. Eakin was on pace for 57 points next to Loui and he isn't really a scorer. Grabovski will score more than 50.
  10. Pretty much
  11. 6th overall draft pick, defenceman prospect without a spot for a first/second line center with great D that can cover for rookie mistakes LOL Swee sucks. 30th overall, wildcard first next year for someone with 91 passing so Loui finally has a center LOL Swee sucks I know I've pissed away any benefit of the doubt I might have had, but for gods sake people come on.
  12. When can we start sending in trades?
  13. What a way to leave Ari.
  14. Baby Stars > Baby Sharks
  15. Can a team only have 1 waiver claim at a time?