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  1. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Well Fuhhh
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    looks like its not too serious. will see soon.
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    Terrible offensively, but is one of the better players on his own end of the ice. That doesn't mean he has low IQ. Can't just work hard and have balls to block shots. You need to have good positioning, know how to identify threats, read plays. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Thats not luck, that's IQ.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I think 190 is going to be the top end for Elias. I would compare his brother to how big hes going to get, Emil is 6'2" - 176 lbs: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=27331 Forsberg has different genetics... so its hard to compare lol
  5. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    Should leave it up to the sedins to retire. If they want to play, give them another season or two. They have given everything to Vancouver, let them go out the way they want. Sign 1-2 mil a season until they retire. Mutually beneficial for both parties. Play 3rd/4th line mins with 2nd pp time.
  6. we went from the best goalie tandem to a below average tandem... way less elite goalies than centre's, thats why i think NJD won the trade.
  7. [Proposal] Vancouver - Montreal

    Would rather roll with what we have. I'm sure Benning will offer a second round pick though...
  8. pretty much the exact same a Pouliot... maybe more physical than Pouliot with less offensive upside.
  9. I wish UPS would do the same for me, after i get home from work...
  10. [Proposal] Blues- Van

    Ill take a 4th round pick back, so everyone will stop complaining about the Pouliot trade...
  11. to be fair, whoever Pitts. drafts could be someone completely different than who Benning could pick. Most likely wont have the same upside as Pouliot.
  12. I like this trade, good move for both teams! Pittsburgh received what they could for a player that they were going to loose through waivers. TO Van: young d-man with top 4 potential To Pit: 4th round picks have a 10% chance of playing over 200 nhl games (correct me if I'm wrong) and a career AHL D-man with potential to be 6/7th on the depth chart.
  13. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

    you think no-one signs him so he doesn't go down as the player with the most NHL games? Hes close to a bunch of legends, maybe they don't want him to break the record... which would be upsetting IMO.
  14. Michael Phelps vs Great White Shark for Shark Week

    lol do you guys honestly think he pitched this to discovery? hell give me a couple hundred grand and ill race a great white. Prob become a quick snack... worth it....