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  1. Random thought. Hypothetically... would you go all in for Hughes or Kakko this year, or all in on Lafreniere next year?
  2. First of all, Elder is one of my favourite D-Men in Canucks franchise history. He has been a staple on the top 4 for the last 10+ seasons. That being said... He cannot be an asset that is protected from the expansion draft. If Elder not willing to accept a contract without a NMC or NTC then BYEEEEE I hope he resigns, and i would hope he makes $$$$$$$ for 2-3 years. But, there's a FA that the canucks can sign for more money who is equal or better and wont need to be protected.
  3. step 1 Sign him for 1 year 6-7 mil, pay the man! (doens't have a NMC or NTC). step 2 Wait until the expansion draft is done. sign him for another 2-3 years (4-5 Mil) Why? Short term Elder get paid when the Canuck's have cap space We don't have to protect him in the expansion draft hes also not exposed for them to take him, since he doesnt have a contract canucks can use Edlers protected spot for someone close or in their prime If he degrades too much over the next season, then we let him walk and pay somewhere else. If hes not willing to comply on that, let him walk. Not willing to lose one of core players in or close to his prime like JV, Stech, Hutton, Gaudette, Demko, etc.
  4. six to nine Nice... I think our allstar Boeser can keep his number.
  5. Hope he can turn it around. at one point he was one of the Canuck's top prospects... Maybe the east coast will work out better for him.
  6. Okay thanks, I'm just trying to find comparable players. Markar seems like a better match than Fox.
  7. Just a quick question here. can someone compare Hughes to Adam Fox. Why was Hughes 1st round pedigree vs. Fox (who was a third round pick) Just curious...
  8. well thats correct, basically any CIS college. nothing against Canadian education, but how cool would it to play hockey in Miami, New York, you name it. seems to be a great opportunity to get a decent education and have a cool life experience.
  9. Hope this doesn't effect his scholarship... good thing he went the college route.