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  1. you think no-one signs him so he doesn't go down as the player with the most NHL games? Hes close to a bunch of legends, maybe they don't want him to break the record... which would be upsetting IMO.
  2. lol do you guys honestly think he pitched this to discovery? hell give me a couple hundred grand and ill race a great white. Prob become a quick snack... worth it....
  3. Lockwood will be higher on everyones list by the end of the year. Kid is a stud on a mediocre Michigan team. Gonna say 8th on the list by the end of the season. Gadjovich looks like a good prospect as well, but Lockwood has the edge IMO
  4. choosing Gaudette because even if he doesnt turn into a offensive player, he can still make it as a bottom six player. Dahlin is completely reliant on his offence (which is higher end than Gaudette's), more boom or bust potential.
  5. would prefer a year by year contract at a higher dollar value, but two years would be ideal. I don't think there is space for Pettersson until Henrik retires. too many top 6 centres unless one gets traded. I feel like if he makes the team next year, he will be rushed and he will play on the wing. I would rather the canuck's let him take his time and play in Utica for at least a year after this season. That way he can develop properly as a centre and come into the NHL in an more ideal situation. I hope after the end of this season the canucks sign him and he will travel with the Canuck's/Sedins to show how they act as professionals on and off the ice. I think that will be the way Pettersson will be involved with the Sedins.
  6. First time creating a discussion, so sorry if its in the wrong place... Have a feeling like I could get roasted here... but want to hear what other fans think the future of the Sedin's is In no way have I heard that the Sedin's are planning on retiring, but have a gut feeling that they could at the end of the season. Ive made a poll, basically yes or no. If your answer is no, how much longer do you think they play for? Reasoning: Will be 37 at the end of the season Both will have over 1000 points (I hope) have accomplished everything, except for winning a Stanley Cup Canuck's have zero chance at winning a cup in the next 3-5 years. Recent signings (Sam Gagner specifically) The signing of Sam Gagner may have been what triggered me into thinking they will retire. I believe that he could have signed for more somewhere else and could have signed to a better team in a better situation. If they retire, Ganger will be given the opportunity to show that he can be the canucks goto player to create offence. Not saying that Gagner can replace the Sedin's, but he will help fill the void that they are going to leave for a couple of years until some prospects are ready to join the team. Why they will continue to play past this season. Both relatively healthy can play 2nd/3rd line minutes and be successful love for the game looks like its still there. prob make a couple mil to play the game they love I hope I'm wrong because they are such a treat to watch. even in there late thirties, they still manage to have that wow factor that they've had for the last 16 seasons. Cheers, Spenny
  7. this is probably one of the more realistic trades I've seen. Would need to see a first instead of the two seconds though.
  8. LOOOL ZERO, ZEEEEEEEERO% chance Toronto trades away Timmy. Toronto got a steal for their pick this year, they're not interested in trading him. Kapenen is obtainable, but dont expect much more than him and a second pick. LV has made the market diluted as hell for Dmen, so if we want the most out of Tanev, it will come at the trade deadline or at the draft next year. Look at what Methot got back. a 2017 7th round pick and a second round pick, thats Peanuts! Lets be patient people... BTW, be prepared for Tanev to stay-put for the next couple of years. GM's are going to lowball JB for the next 2-3 months, but once the season starts that could change fast. Cheers, Spenny
  9. These Highlights are also from a year previous (2015- when he was playing in both the superelit (under 20) and Allsvenskan. So im sure half the highlights are of him playing against kids. This is from last season. ITS LIT!!!
  10. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=212814 intersting
  11. i dont think they are related... but yah better than that DiPietro
  12. Heiskanen or Makar go in the top 5.
  13. Dont think that Benning and Co. are going to go off the board here. i have almost no concern on who benning picks at #5 because I believe anyone ranked in the top 8 (as per bobs list) will be solid players. Don't think Benning is interested in picking: Heiskanen (same role as juolevi, but will be a great player) Tippet (too one dimensional, a soft version of JV?) Liljegren (still high on, but too high to be picked at 5) Middlestadt (undeniable skill, risk of him signing somewhere else after college) They are going to pick the BPA on there list, who i think will be: Makar (top pairing upside, PP QB basement) Glass (seems to fit the mould that JB is looking for, good size with room to grow) Pettersson (high risk/reward, could be a steal at 5 or huge upset) Valardi (safest player that will be taken in the top 5. Might never put up as may points as anyone on this list, but will be a top 6 centre) Wildcard Nick Suzuki (honestly feel like he could be one of the best players of the draft. Canucks will not pick him at 5, but i believe hes going to be a steal at the 8-12th pick)
  14. was just going to ask the same question... im sure hell ask for the same as Drouin. He'd be smart not to take anything less than that.