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  1. Heiskanen or Makar go in the top 5.
  2. Dont think that Benning and Co. are going to go off the board here. i have almost no concern on who benning picks at #5 because I believe anyone ranked in the top 8 (as per bobs list) will be solid players. Don't think Benning is interested in picking: Heiskanen (same role as juolevi, but will be a great player) Tippet (too one dimensional, a soft version of JV?) Liljegren (still high on, but too high to be picked at 5) Middlestadt (undeniable skill, risk of him signing somewhere else after college) They are going to pick the BPA on there list, who i think will be: Makar (top pairing upside, PP QB basement) Glass (seems to fit the mould that JB is looking for, good size with room to grow) Pettersson (high risk/reward, could be a steal at 5 or huge upset) Valardi (safest player that will be taken in the top 5. Might never put up as may points as anyone on this list, but will be a top 6 centre) Wildcard Nick Suzuki (honestly feel like he could be one of the best players of the draft. Canucks will not pick him at 5, but i believe hes going to be a steal at the 8-12th pick)
  3. was just going to ask the same question... im sure hell ask for the same as Drouin. He'd be smart not to take anything less than that.
  4. Agreed on the urgency of ANA. Depends on team need. one team could value Tanev more than Vatanan, vise versa. With no urgency to get a deal done, JB will get more out of Tanev than ANA gets out of Vantanan.
  5. 1 New Jersey Nico Hischier 2 Philadelphia Nolan Patrick 3 Dallas Gabriel Vilardi 4 Colorado Casey Mittelstadt 5 Vancouver Cody Glass 6 Las Vegas Klim Kostin 7 Arizona Cale Makar 8 Buffalo Miro Heiskanen 9 Detroit Nick Suzuki 10 Florida Martin Necas
  6. you put out a number like that to get a settlement. Def not going to get 10 mill, but will still be in the 7 digits...
  7. La Taqueria Pinche (tacos) is good. Pink Bicycle is good, huge servings, but always busy.
  8. ahhh too bad, maybe biega will play on the wing.
  9. I thought Goldobin was good to suit up on Thursday Edit: as per canucks army: http://canucksarmy.com/2017/3/1/newest-canuck-goldobin-upset-i-didn-t-get-a-bigger-chance-in-san-jose
  10. Burrows - 3rd Round Pick or C+/B- Prospect (decent chance to be moved) Dorsett - low pick (dont think hes worth anything while unhealthy) Hansen - 2nd Round Pick and a B+ Prospect (decent chance, most likely to be moved) Sedins - 1st Round Pick + Prospect (1% that they are moved, then yah prob 1st round pick, a A and B prospect) Tanev - 1st Round Pick and a B+ prospect (highly doubt he's moved) Hutton - For a roster player forward or A prospect (can only see him being moved for a forward) Sbisa - 2nd/3rd Round Pick/Propsect (i hope hes not moved, definetly the biggest suprises of this year) Miller - 2nd Round Pick/Propsect (wont be moved unless a goalie comes back, but yah prob a second and a prospect) Virtanen - 1st Round Pick/Prospect (ride or die, rather he pans out, or hes worthless...) FREE WILLY - We throw in a bag of pucks for whoever takes him (lol)
  11. agreed, Before the 2012 draft, the Canuck's drafting has been prob the worst in the league. MUCH has changed since then.
  12. I feel like the only difference is that Calgary has done a better job drafting over the last 10 years than Vancouver has. Well at least a better hit rate than Vancouver has. That has definitely helped the rebuild for them. Benning has shown that he can find talent in the draft, so hopefully they can build from the drafts and find those late round picks that can make a difference.
  13. Yah man, you're right about everyone overrating the Canucks players here. But clearly you don't check your analytics. analytics are just numbers... but they prove that Tanev is one of the most effective defensive defence-man in the league. http://becauseoilers.blogspot.ca/2016/03/in-search-of-right-handed-defensemen.html Its a long read... but give it a chance. If you don't feel like reading it, you can scroll to the bottom.
  14. Personally, I wouldn't. My Reasoning: Its all about the Cap these days. It seems that most of the competitive teams have had good drafting,then trade their older assets for more draft picks/ young prospects. +1 to Art I believe that Barrie is the better player (overall) and is a team need, but I don't think it would be worth an extra $2 mill for him. If he signed an identical contract as Tanev, then hell yah!
  15. In order or LAND-eskog... you would have to pay a kings ransom. It will take one of Boeser, Horvat, Virtanen + a first round pick. They dont want Edler, and Edler is NOT moving. Tanev has one of the best contracts in the league (for a 1st pair elite shutdown defence-man) so hes not going anywhere.