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  1. confessions

  2. Who is your celebrity crush?

  3. Post here for a new title.

    Awww, I can do better than that
  4. Post here for a new title.

    I forgot what my title was
  5. The I want to date Brilac thread

    Is Canuck_83 still available?
  6. Jesus this is still around?

    2003's were the best.

    That's so played.
  8. Where to date online?

    Very close.
  9. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    Worked for many years with Mainly Mattias
  10. Are you close to being banned?

    Never been banned, never warned, have never posted.
  11. Dating site horror stories.

    Engaged, actually
  12. Dating site horror stories.

    So, long time, no talk. What's going on?
  13. Write a Eulogy for a Banned Member

    My emoticon doesn't work any more, though.
  14. Write a Eulogy for a Banned Member

    Still here, bitches. Never been banned. :D