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  1. Smithers Joe has got to be like 115 by now
  2. I remember you by your old name...
  3. Ouch, no mentions. You're all dead to me.
  4. Ah, nostalgia... some familiar faces behind the benches too.

  5. You silly goose!

  6. Almost New Years... time for a fresh start. Maybe some dates with yours truly and see where things go?

  7. You find a new job yet? My offer still stands...

  8. You haven't posted much lately. We should talk.

  9. :D

    So, you single now?

    1. Apricot


      Haha, you wish colon ;)

  10. Change the name back to Silly Goose



      If only I could!

  11. Let's get together

  12. That name is hilarious

  13. Interested in a summer fling?

  14. That name cracks me up.

  15. :D

    LOL, who is this guy

  16. I've been noticing you noticing me. Lets make this happen.

    1. Psylocke


      I have no idea what you're talking about. LOL

    2. :D
  17. So... Valentines is coming up ;) ;) ;)

  18. Did you move? I have a print out of your old profile on the wall and it says you're from Ditchmond, not Surrey...

  19. Need a man to get you through the cold winter?

  20. Where you been

  21. We should get together. You can have three dinners anytime you want.

    1. Psylocke


      I didn't have three dinners in one day. That would be ridiculous. LOL