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  1. I thought Deadpool was really funny. It's almost a parody of the typical superhero movie in a few ways. Obviously the actual plot and those fight scenes were useless but at least it made me laugh.
  2. Yes exactly. I enjoyed it a lot but there are a few glaring issues that are hard to ignore. The final few episodes were very good in terms of the plot coming together nicely though. I think they setup the mysteries quite well so in the end all those big twists felt natural.
  3. Prisoners: 8/10 Really well done thriller. I didn't think the story itself was anything exceptional but it's emotionally powerful and the leads (Jackman, Gyllenhaall, Dano) gave great performances. Cinematography was also very strong.
  4. Echo I need to mafia
  5. Wolf Parade is making a new album. YES!
  6. Exam time means a lot of Aphex Twin
  7. Finished listening to the new Gambino. Nice funky album and I love the ambition to try something like this.
  8. This is why I can't play competitive unless I have a full team of people I know ( doesn't happen often). Too many people quit or disconnect and hardly anyone plays with a mic. Also getting sick of playing healer every game. I've got more than 50% of my play time on Lucio, mercy or Zen and that's only because no one will play support when you're going solo. Game is still fun as hell though. I'm really enjoying the arcade game modes right now.
  9. Is that it? Thanks for hosting Baer. Kaz had the best mix imo (aside from mine of course ).
  10. Arrival - 9/10. Amazing movie. One of those ones that you keep thinking about the next day. This and Sicario make me very optimistic for the new Blade Runner. Spoilery thoughts:
  11. 2nd week
  12. I finished listening and yeah other than a few good songs that album do much for me. I can't handle too much continuous shoegaze to begin with and that album has too many bland or similar sounding songs to justify that run-time. They could've probably cut it down to 40 minutes and it would've been a lot better. Also, this list is definitely the best I've seen so far:
  13. Nice list. Mine will be fairly similar but I'm not finished yet. I'm still making my way through Bat for lashes and Diiv but I know I like most of both those albums. Also I finally got into psychopomp this week. Very good album.
  14. Yeah it drops off a bit before True Love Waits but I still really like Present Tense. I especially like the background echoey vocals near the end in that one. I'd agree on Tinker though; it's probably my least favourite song on the album.