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  1. Vote AV Like last time, not being solvey at all. I think criticizing the NK is definitely a towny thing to do but nothing else suggests town imo.
  2. Interesting that DM never voted his CW. He was in the thread when he was at least tied for the lynch so I think if he was scum he might have been more concerned and self-preservation voted. Unless of course the wagons were w/w but I don't think that's likely.
  3. Lynch Pool: J23 DM AV Zfetch BJ Out of this group Zfetch and Bj look the best. I haven't found anything inherently scummy about them but they haven't done enough to be town yet. Everyone else is a slight town lean or better.
  4. Night Fall 2: Saturday 3AM - ie. I dish out stories Tuesday Morning. That's a heck of a wait T-rex.
  5. don't ask me.
  6. I know what T-rex said in that post. I meant something else that I shouldn't go into. Yup I am comfortable that you're reading me incorrectly right now. But let's be real. How ballsy would I have to be to lie about the vote count to force a tie and save my wolfbro? I'm not dral.
  7. The initial DM vote was because I thought J23 was looking better and I wanted to put some pressure on DM who I didn't like either. It ended up being down to DM vs J23 when I came back and I didn't really want to lynch j23 based on his response and a theory I had. That theory is perhaps less likely after the nightfall results but still possible. And no, I'm not expanding on that further.
  8. Why did no one help this poor fella. You press the 'plus' icon next to 'quote' and you write your message once you've gathered all the quotes.
  9. Honestly I was going off the top of my head when I said DM was leading. Sorry about that.
  10. Holy sh*t. MR I'll get to that analysis in a sec just let me catch up first.
  11. This is true. Perhaps I'm putting too much stock into this but I feel like his response to all the pressure was totally different when he was mafia last time.
  12. Me neither which is why I asked to hear more about those reasons. He never ended up responding to that request though.
  13. I think DM is leading by a few votes over j23 right now. I'm not feeling totally confident on that lynch but I don't think I wanna switch to j23. Everyone who hasn't voted a wagon should - just make sure there's no ties.
  14. This is gonna be some quality mafia copy-pasta imo.
  15. Yeah BJ's contributions and insights have been less than the norm. I don't see how him being first to vote is at all suspicious. TL is rarely a D1 so you need way more than that to justify a vote at this point imo. Thoughts on DM and J23?