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  1. And I can't get back in through email because the email I have listed is one I don't know the password to either.
  2. Nope this time is for real I'm gonna change my password to some random set of number so I can't ever come back. See ya
  3. This will be the final retirement. I can't help but get far to worked up for these games and the effort isn't worth it when time and time again these leftover goobers basically throw the game towards the end. I should make it clear that I'm not suggesting 112 isn't worthy of this victory. Because she still is. It was basically 9 v 2 (thanks to no-show Bassi), and the angleshooting from a possible mislynch was additionally disadvantageous to her.
  4. Yeah your comment was needless and annoying because you weren't even in the game. You don't even know what you're talking about. I never talked myself out of lynching 112. The sheriff thing was reaction baiting and 112 made sense to target. Unfortunately she wasn't the wolfiest player in my PoE until round 4, and by then she took over.
  5. GG 112. Despite the saltiness, I will admit you played well. To win after having losing your teammates by round 2 is remarkable.
  6. And you were definitely trying to appeal to my emotion all game lol. I don't consider that against the spirit, obviously. I was just stating that as a technique that was being implemented to win. That's fair play.
  7. It's funny the "I'm tp" wasn't the angleshooting I was talking about. It was him constantly talking about the role PM. But both are unacceptable. I can't handle these games where you have people in LYLO who literally don't even post. So unfair to everyone who put in effort.
  8. How the &^@# are you guys serious? You just toss away a free town win when the game is in the bag. I explained very slowly what you had to do. No one even tried to analyze anything that happened. You just sat there and let 112 appeal to your emotions. I wouldn't be mad at losing if y'all actually tried but ya &^@#ing yeeted it. That's why you were supposed to tie it. So you had another round to decide. Gross
  9. @milk and honey @otherwise @luckylager @112 You need to tie the lynch this round. This is the optimal play. The mafia will kill 1 player and then the last round will be 2 villagers vs 1 mafia. There has to be only 1 wolf remaining otherwise the game would be over. Don't automatically assume otherwise is mafia because of the kill. I doubt she'd let that happen and 112 would definitely kill the lynch target (me) to frame otherwise. Be very careful about simply voting otherwise without taking careful consideration. And God dammit don't lock your votes until you need to. Here are my reads: Lucky - 95% town Milk - 85% town otherwise - 25% mafia 112 - 93% mafia Those numbers clearly don't add up but consider them as you will. Advice: when you tie it, make sure 112 and otherwise cross vote. And then Milk and Lucky both vote one of the two to tie the votes.
  10. Lol I was actually mafia xD Gg town wp I'm taking a long break now.
  11. @luckylager listen to me closely. Locking votes willy nilly only helps the mafia. You're literally preventing yourself from having any flexibility if you need it. I'm telling you this for future rounds/games.