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  1. I've been listening to Rocket for the past few days. Really good stuff. Yeah I think Lorde's album comes out soon. Really looking forward to that. Apparently the new LCD Soundsystem album is finished. I'm hyped.
  2. Lynch Pool: TL - Very scummy. Not being his solvey self at all AV - Same as above. Stamkos - Is barely posting. I have to think he'd been trying harder as town. J23 - Has been slanking for most of the game. I agree with Arm that this reads like anti-spew from a player who knows he's not surviving long. His vote last round isn't good - looks like he wanted no part in the DM mislynch. Everyone needs to give thoughts on these players and who they think should/shouldn't be lynched. Vote AV
  3. Last post of the round. I'm fine with a DM lynch. We're probably hitting scum here. unvote; vote DM Someone make sure there aren't any ties. Vig is shooting TL tonight and always hitting scum. Good night
  4. Daily hot takes Interactions between BJ, Arm and I today feel super towny I think there's two wolves within TL, AV and Zfetch. They all read like wolves who have lost their WIM.
  5. @DarthMelvin I don't fully understand the thing about the weak call out from TL. Can you explain what you are implying.
  6. Unreal mindmeld right here. Unvote; Vote TL
  7. I think you're reading too much into something that happened in the "joking" phase of the game. Zftech was joking and I don't see why arm would have to respond to a joke vote. Interesting shade on TL though. I'll have to go check that. What do you think about J23 and TL?
  8. 112 has been MIA for a few days and isn't slanking. I think you should pick a viable wagon.
  9. Your fate is not sealed. If you're town you can still dig yourself out of that hole.
  10. @DarthMelvin why did you vote Zfetch in round 1? I'm assuming he's gonna say something along the lines of Zfetch's vote being "most suspect".
  11. Oh I see. I mean you were gonna get lynched if you didn't so I wouldn't call that rage quitting. Still hate the idea of "tactical god kill" as hilarious as it sounds.
  12. Yeah I know that now but I didn't know that was one of the reasons you were voting him when I initially asked. I actually didn't really think of that but it's a good point.
  13. Thanks pal. I really just wanted to know what your reasoning was. Wasn't that a different one? The game I just looked at had you basically quitting after being caught in a lie about being the sheriff.
  14. It's weird how DM is so focused on the meaning of the NKs. I know he's done that before as scum and has tried to incriminate people with the NK. I just checked the last game and I'm pretty sure he was doing the same thing. @Armbar wanna clarify?
  15. Go on...why is it scummy?