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  1. Wait why aren't whales nice? Have you even met one before?
  2. Sorry forgot to reply. When a Sheriff investigates a player it will typically return with mafia or town however in this game T-Rex was revealing town, mafia and special.
  3. And lol yes I was talking about MR.
  4. Games are always supposed to be balanced so it's close to a 50/50 chance of either town or scum winning. When I say no Sheriff, that would include altering the game setup to ensure it's appropriately balanced. I think over the past while on CDC the mafia have had a decided edge but this is in large part due to players not posting enough which heavily favours the mafia.
  5. New Shabzz Palaces. So great.
  6. I still feel like I was violated after that last game. Feels bad. Anyone else kinda like it when there's no sheriff and the town has nothing but themselves to rely on?
  7. Ha Sign up for Mafia: Portland Food Truck Wars (Please Copy and Paste the list below and add your own FULL CDC Username). Alain Vigneault Darth Melvin Zfetch Beluga Whale diesel_13 Armbar Blue Jay 22 Stamkos J-23
  8. Yeah you played just fine. In a vacuum, your last round was solid town play but MR played a pretty damn good game so it was hard to avoid that lynch. You should definitely keep playing.
  9. I was considering him and I wanted to press him but there was hardly any evidence I could find to support him being scum over Diesel. I honestly did find Diesel's behavior in LYLO to be really towny but I convinced myself to not let one round of towny tone over-ride an entire game's worth of solid evidence. If you look at the last few pages I was re-reading the thread multiple time to be sure. That said, I obviously I regret not pursuing MR harder this round. Laziness overcame me.
  10. Hot-Take: I'm poops Gg MR. That was a really strong game. I did not expect that much bussing from you but obviously you timed it right and made sure you were in a good position every round. I tried to find things to go after you for this round but there was nothing. Jeez. Thanks for hosting, T-rex!
  11. @T-rex930 consider my vote locked in. Let's get some results!
  12. If you wanted to build a good foundation you would like through your teeth like a true mafia. And yeah your mind tricks aren't going to work hehe.
  13. Haha relatable. I remember a time last year when I went like 5+ straight of being the first round mafia kill. Although recently I have been making it farther than usual.
  14. I should really go too. Unvote; Vote Diesel You guys should lock in your votes so the game can end early if I want to lock mine in later on.