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  1. Holy Gorillaz just dropped four hot tracks. Each one is a jam but I think I like Andromeda the best.
  2. *Sarcastically eats popcorn*
  3. Jay som is my jam. Love her new album. Listened to a bit of the new Magnetic Fields. Pretty good so far but yeah that'll take a while to get through aha.
  4. At least not until my alabean is back.
  5. Nah CDC mafia is very dead rn. May never be great again tbh
  6. Not a 70s kid lol. Thanks for the listen and review.
  7. Mix Review: Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama: 8/10 Good song. I really liked his new direction on this album and this was easily one of the best songs. Production is real good. Donald's sing is pretty good here but I especially like the backing female vocals in the hook. Francis and the Lights ft Bon Iver - Friends: 7/10 This is good but didn't do as much for me as I'd hoped. For some reason I don't like the vocals from Francis and the lights all that much. Kings of Leon - Reverend: 6/10: Ok song but I've heard it way too many times by now. I mean it is definitely catchy but not something I want to be listening to anymore. Who Tells Your Story - The Roots, Common, Ingrid Michaelson: 9/10 Hadn't heard anything off this Mixtape or seen the musical before but I really enjoyed this song. Love the female vocals on the hook. Common's rapping is also nice on this. Just an all round great sounding song. Imagine Dragons - Shots: 5/10 Not a bad song the first 20 times I heard it. I guess it's a pretty fun and catchy song but I mean it's repetitive and it's already worn out its welcome on me imo. Bobby Brown - Every Little Step: 8/10 This is a fun song; good remix too. Haven't listened to much Bobby Brown but I do like some of the hits. Definitely like the last third of the song with the hip hop/rap - I don't think that's from the original song but it works well. Kanye West - Paranoid: 9.5/10 One of my favourite Kanye songs. Have to blast the speakers when this is on. Kid Cudi on the hook is great and the synths in this are phenomenal. Frank Ocean - Godspeed: 7.5/10 I loved Blond but this is an interest choice for a mix. Kinda seems like the type of song the only works well when you're listening to the entire album. It's a slow song that's not anything exciting but the vocals are strong and emotional from Frank so it's definitely still a good song. Chance the Rapper - Finish Line/ Drown: 9/10 LOL I got this song on my last mix. Definitely still love it though. In the first part I love the rapping from Chance and the choir sounding "Do-do-do-do" is great. I think I like the second half even more with the verse from Noname and that chorus. Lyrics on this song are also really strong imo. RTJ - Report to Shareholders/Kill Your Masters: 8.5/10 Probably one of my favourites off RTJ3. Both parts are great in their own right but that last part gets me going - so good. And obviously the rapping and production on this is superb. Solid mix, Jazz. Thanks!
  8. Really sorry everyone but I've had no time these past few days. I'll for sure have it done tomorrow night.
  9. The Courtneys II is legit. Not even all the way done but I like it. Female lead, power pop band right from vancouver for anyone interested.
  10. New Animal Collective EP is....pretty bonkers. I like the songs more than those on Painting With but I pretty much like everything from them. Vocal styles from Avey and Panda are nice on this too. The Jimmy Mack cover is definitely my favourite part.
  11. It's on the same level as OK Computer for me but yeah both those are among my all time favourites.
  12. mfw I'm about to post and I think to put in the sunglasses emoji. 112, what have you done to me.
  13. Thought this wouldn't be available until Friday. Can't wait to check it out.
  14. It's actual advice though. There were so many horribly imbalanced games from inexperienced hosts last year. Gonna re-retire tbh.
  15. The town may have lost but I have been blessed with this new avatar so I aint even mad.