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  1. Ingredients for successful playoff team

    what if the players are really, really good but not really, really, really good? Is it still enough?
  2. So Both Ehlers and Nylander are Playoff Ghosts...

    Jesus dude. "No guts" for the playoffs is so unnecessarily harsh. Ehlers was decent for his first run in the playoffs even if he didn't score. Guy's also only 22.
  3. Mafia - General Discussion

    CDC may be a lost cause this year. It doesn't seem like anyone is really interested or has the time and I don't want to send someone that won't be able to meet the expected standards.
  4. Hypocritical Racism

    People getting offended way too easily these days. Settle down.
  5. Mafia - General Discussion

    @Intoewsables @Zfetch @Blue Jay 22 @Aladeen One of you just say you'll go. Anyone.
  6. Mafia - General Discussion

    Ok good. 112 already went last year. Krysten is almost certainly too busy. I probably can't play either. I do think we should get Toews to go, however. @Intoewsables is there any chance?
  7. Mafia - General Discussion

    Thanks guys.
  8. I'm sorry guys but I don't think I can host. I thought I'd have some free time after I finished school but I got a position that starts immediately and I won't have time.
  9. @Salacious Crumb @Zfetch Recommended readings:
  10. Nice! Don't worry if you're really confused when the game starts, that's normal. Feel free to ask questions to anyone.