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  1. @Time Lord I don't think I can invite you to that since you're technically the back-up.
  2. 112's qualifying game in the MU championship is about to start. Rep this post if you want an invite to the discussion PM.
  3. I know. I mean that what he writes in TWoW will directly setup the ending in ADoS and I'm imagining him having a hard time bringing the numerous plotlines to a grand conclusion he's happy with.
  4. I think it's very likely that we don't see TWoW until after the TV series is over. I'm pretty sure he's really struggling to set up the perfect ending.
  5. Is there a quality leak available? I liked the first single but the latest one of just ok. And yeah every Fleet Foxes album has taken a few listens for me to appreciate it. Yeah I've been disappointed a lot so far this year. Probably had too many expectations. Was hyped for Future islands, FJM, Gorillaz but those were more or less let down. I think there's good stuff on Pure Comedy but it's weighed down by boring and long ballads. Also those new Grizzly Bear singles weren't anything that special imo. Have you heard the new Japanese Breakfast single? Totally different direction than Psychopomp but I really like it. Looking forward to that album.
  6. Do not want
  7. This is a god dream.
  8. Thanks. I actually completely forgot about that because I put all sigs on ignore a while ago ahah. Just way too annoying when you're trying to quickly read a thread.
  9. Ofc I was hosting for those. Have your seen the otherwise game with the double agent? That one shouldn't even count tbh.
  10. True. I've played in several games on MU where it was always the optimal play to have fake peeks. That said, the entire town really needs to be on board and understand how it works. In other words it's not happening on CDC.
  11. Hard disagree. Yes the fake investigations help narrow down the sheriff hunt BUT the benefits to the town outweigh the negatives imo. If the sheriff dies without being able to reveal results then a tremendous amount of information is lost. Also, the mafia kills can help clear TPs if they are hunting the sheriff. Ofc this all depends on the game having no PMs and having the full roles revealed upon death.
  12. Yeah they are so good. The new Perfume Genius album is surprisingly amazing.
  13. I was in tho
  14. ok
  15. So many great albums released recently. I loved DAMN for the most part. Doesn't really compare to TPAB but still good in its own right. Pleasure from Feist was surprisingly good once I got into it. It's really stripped down and raw but her singing carries it. Slowdive (st) is everything I hoped for. There's just something about that type of Dream pop that I really connect with emotionally. The new Gorillaz is disappointing but I think I had my expectations way too high. It comes across as more of a mixtape if anything because it hardly feels like an actual album or even a Gorillaz album for that matter. There's still a few great songs like Ascension, Momentz, Submission, Charger and Andromeda.