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  1. Daily hot takes Interactions between BJ, Arm and I today feel super towny I think there's two wolves within TL, AV and Zfetch. They all read like wolves who have lost their WIM.
  2. @DarthMelvin I don't fully understand the thing about the weak call out from TL. Can you explain what you are implying.
  3. Unreal mindmeld right here. Unvote; Vote TL
  4. I think you're reading too much into something that happened in the "joking" phase of the game. Zftech was joking and I don't see why arm would have to respond to a joke vote. Interesting shade on TL though. I'll have to go check that. What do you think about J23 and TL?
  5. 112 has been MIA for a few days and isn't slanking. I think you should pick a viable wagon.
  6. Your fate is not sealed. If you're town you can still dig yourself out of that hole.
  7. @DarthMelvin why did you vote Zfetch in round 1? I'm assuming he's gonna say something along the lines of Zfetch's vote being "most suspect".
  8. Oh I see. I mean you were gonna get lynched if you didn't so I wouldn't call that rage quitting. Still hate the idea of "tactical god kill" as hilarious as it sounds.
  9. Yeah I know that now but I didn't know that was one of the reasons you were voting him when I initially asked. I actually didn't really think of that but it's a good point.
  10. Thanks pal. I really just wanted to know what your reasoning was. Wasn't that a different one? The game I just looked at had you basically quitting after being caught in a lie about being the sheriff.
  11. It's weird how DM is so focused on the meaning of the NKs. I know he's done that before as scum and has tried to incriminate people with the NK. I just checked the last game and I'm pretty sure he was doing the same thing. @Armbar wanna clarify?
  12. Go on...why is it scummy?
  13. DM doing really nonsensical things is usually a town indicator for him. Not sure how I feel about this.
  14. ??? JJ just said the sheriff investigated me as town. How are we gonna learn MR was fear killed? Please tell me the second part was directed at me haha.